Ian Watson

Ian Watson is a presenter on the ABC's flagship science program, Quantum. He joined the ABC's science unit in 1994 after a stint in commercial television and more than a decade lecturing and researching in Universities around Australia.
Ian is a scientist by training. He completed his PH.D at the University of Western Australia in 1981 in the field of climatology. He taught and researched in atmospheric science at Murdoch University's School of Environmental and Life Sciences before taking up a lectureship at the School of Earth Sciences at Macquarie University in Sydney in 1980.

Ian combined his research and teaching interests in climatology and atmospheric sciences with consulting work for Industry and Government bodies on the issues of air pollution dispersion. He specialises in preparing air quality impact studies for major freeway development in capital cities around Australia.

Because of his environmental and meteorological expertise, Ian was lured from academic life into television by the Seven Network in 1990. For several years he acted as that network's science and environmental specialist before moving into general news and features reporting. Ian covered a number of significant overseas stories including the Johnston Atoll Chemical Weapons Dump in the Pacific Ocean and, in 1992, the Somalian famine.

Since then Ian has used his combination of communication skills and his understanding of science to present to the corporate sector via videos and keynote speeches.
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