Inbal Rodnay

Inbal Rodnay is a recognised leader in innovation with a focus on the practical application of AI in professional services, and how it will change the type of work we do and how we interact with technology.

Inbal has had a hands-on approach to technology since her first job out of uni, working on an airbase as a programmer on targeting software for fighter jets. Her experience working with technology in the military gave her a practical and structured understanding of how to best apply it in business.

Inbal ran a consultancy in New Zealand implementing enterprise accounting and finance systems before moving to Australia in 2011 and helping thousands of businesses move from desktop to cloud-based accounting software.

From 2021 to 2023, Inbal was Head of Technology and Innovation at BlueRock, a 350-person legal and accounting firm in Melbourne, where she led several automation projects in robotic process automation using the Microsoft stack.

This year Inbal founded Theory and Motion, a consultancy advising firms on how to become savvy adopters of technology. She specialises in understanding how generative AI will impact the roles of professionals in the accounting, legal and other knowledge-based professions, and how the nature of professional advice will evolve in response.

Inbal is a company director and member of the Australian Institiute of Company Directors, and excels at explaining the opportunities and risks of AI from a board perspective.

Inbal is an inspirational and dynamic speaker. She breaks down technical topics into practical examples that are highly relatable to a professional audience. Inbal's point of difference is that she understands technology from three perspectives; as a board director, a practitioner, and a programmer.

Inbal is a versatile speaker and facilitator who runs large-scale innovation workshops as well as highly engaging and entertaining presentations.

Speaking topics

How generative AI can enhance finance and accounting outcomes

Generative AI will soon become an indispensable work tool. Accountants who embrace ChatGPT for their key tasks will create higher-quality work in less time. Firms that move quickly to roll out ChatGPT will also find it easier to retain staff and hire graduates that want to use the latest business technology.

This session looks at real life examples of how to use ChatGPT safely to increase your team's capacity and productivity.

The end of white-collar work – or a new dawn? Understanding the impact of generative AI

Professionals charge hundreds of dollars an hour to share their wisdom, hard-won from years of study and experience. Now Generative AI is threatening to replace the gatekeepers of knowledge with a chat-based interface that costs $20 a month. How will AI change the daily lives and careers of white-collar workers? What does the next five years look like? And how can you stay relevant?

Course correction: How to get it right in the age of AI

AI is touching everyone's lives. How will it impact our jobs and careers in the longer term? What can we do now to prepare as businesses and as individuals? Learn how to avoid the risks, seize the opportunities and thrive in the age of AI.


Inbal had a great knowledge of the subject. Really enjoyable and highly recommended.
Michael Trimble, AFS Bendigo

Riveting! Inbal got us thinking about how we can use AI in a positive way rather than looking at it as a negative.
Nada Taylor, Connolly & Assoc.

Inbal Rodnay speaker

Speaker Video

AI Speaker Reel | Inbal Rodnay

AI Speaker Reel | Inbal Rodnay

How to get it right in the age of AI | Inbal Rodnay

How to get it right in the age of AI | Inbal Rodnay

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