Iven has a background in psychology and is a graduate in marketing. In sales he has been a qualifying member of the "Million Dollar Round Table" and as the youngest regional manager at Australia's fastest growing Life Insurance Company looked after over 50 branches and a team with production in excess of $15 million annually.

Iven is booked and re-booked by his clients because of his expertise and ability to produce results doing keynotes and training on sales, management and marketing, where the art of dealing with people is paramount. As a speaker in Australia or internationally he not only instructs - he motivates people to action, using humour and real life examples of success.

He has been invited to work with the recognised thought leaders in 1 to 1 marketing, the worldwide Peppers and Rogers Group to consult to businesses on their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and 1 to 1 Marketing Strategies. This brings the worldwide research and best practice capabilities of the acknowledged leaders in customer relationship and sales practices. Iven is a graduate in Marketing from the University of Technology. He has recently been retained by Deakin University to present their Marketing and Sales Management distance-learning program.

For seven years he has completed national tours doing one-day workshops on Getting Everything Done - the Keys to Time and Personal Effectiveness. Iven has recently completed a four part television series on Time Management and Personal Effectiveness.

The results Iven achieves are based on thorough research of the client's needs and the current environment. He is able to then design a presentation that creates impact. Iven also adds value to his work by weaving in real life examples, humour and engaging the audience in the process. All this, to make sure the information is up to the minute and effective. Careful preparation is the key to tangible results. Iven's programs keep working long after the training session finishes.

Iven holds the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), awarded by the International Federation of Professional Speakers. This is their highest accreditation and attests to speaking expertise taken from client endorsement.


Iven presents fully researched and customised presentations that focus on your industry, your challenges and the steps to help you create robust, reliable, repeatable and profitable customer interactions. Customer service experiences that create ongoing referrals and repeat business. The format is keynote speeches, half and full day workshops and remote web classes. As you would expect, Iven’s presentations are an experience. They are filled with the highest quality information, real examples and case studies, insights and strategies all wrapped up in an entertaining, interactive and humorous style.

Build it and they will come

If we asked your customers “Is this business designed around your needs as a customer?” What would they say? Anything less than a resounding ‘yes’ is a fail.

Building a mutually profitable (you and the customer benefit) customer experience is a deliberate decision and then a purposeful, proactive design process.

In this presentation Iven will unpack:

  • the For Me/For You formula for real customer service success.
  • how to reassess what your customers want before you start
  • the steps to renovating your current customer experience
  • how to identify the key points in your customers’ journey where you get the maximum return from the smallest changes
  • why measuring the promoters is less than half the battle

The Millennials are coming. Are you a dead business walking?

2014 was the tipping point when the market power of Baby Boomers started reducing and the Millennials (born 1880-2000) began their ascendance. Are you ready for the top third of the market, with the greatest spending power and a new way of looking at the experiences they will pay a premium for? This presentation will show you:

  • understand how to position your business to profit from the spending power rise of millennials (its different)
  • how to prepare for their growing impact
  • how to redesign and rebuild your delivered experiences to capitalise on the increased profitability they come armed with
  • Miss this shift and you are a dead business walking.

The Star Trek Dilemma. How to balance the digital and human service mix.

Captain Kirk and Jon Luc Picard commanded the Enterprise. They had the same dilemma you have commanding your commercial enterprise. Where is a human better than a machine at doing tasks, and visa versa? What is the design framework for the deciding the digital / human mix in your business? Iven first wrote about this in his book ‘High Tech – High Touch’ Selling, co-authored with Business Futurist Craig Rispin.

In this presentation Iven will help you understand:

  • How you can decide to use digital tools or a human
  • the experience contrasting preferences of Baby Boomers, Gen Y and Millennials
  • how to design an uncomplicated experience that caters for different preferences
  • where humans are more effective than computers
  • Where do Mr Spock (logic) and Mr Data (robotics) fit managing and solving problems.
  • where you might have humans that should be replaced with a process
  • how to really profit from freed up human time
  • As usual there will be practical examples, fascinating questions and lots of fun exploring the best thinking in this expanding business challenge.


Best one day seminar I've been at for years; I only go to one days - others are padded; this one was a beauty. First class - I took down your stories - never stopped writing....
- Department Secretary, Dept Of The Senate Parliament House Canberra

Interesting and enjoyable! Iven is knowledgeable with an easy way of speaking/getting the message across. Easy to listen to...
- Manager, Australian National Maritime Museum Darling Harbour

Excellent content!! Covered an enormous amount of material in a short space of time. Iven is very bright, educational, lively and has a humorous presentation style.
- Department Secretary, Department Of Immigration Sydney

Very useful. Provided some ideas for dealing with Time Management which will help formalise what I'm doing. Iven is great! The difficult task for any speaker is to hold the attention of the audience by presenting the subject matter in an interesting way. This was achieved in a very informative and entertaining way. Thanks!
- Manager, Great Australian Book Fair/Ashton Scholastic New South Wales

His approach is one of maximum effort - the results are self evident. His results from our public and in company training sessions have been excellent, due to large measure to the concentrated efforts he makes to get to know the profile of the group before the session.
- General Manager, IIR Seminar Centre Sydney

Iven has a method of delivery different to most educators with an easy relaxed style which is both informative and entertaining. Without a doubt he is one of the finest and most exciting facilitators the Board has brought into the education spectrum.
- Principal, The Professional Real Estate Group

Congratulations Iven on an exceptional result. And thanks for your gracious involvement. Feel proud you were one of the top two rated presenters.
- Organiser, Australasian Franchising Conference

Iven Frangi is a very popular MC at our 3 day conferences which we run a number of times a year. He consistently ranks 8, 9 and 10 out of 10 on our feedback forms. Iven is the consummate professional MC. We run long days from 8:30am-8pm, he can effortlessly read the energy of a room and knows the precise ingredient to inject to keep the audience's attention. Iven stays on time and knows exactly how to connect the presentation to the audience because of his advance preparation. Iven's wit and humour are key contributions to the success of our events. He is a crowd favourite and we love working with him.
- Director, We Buy Houses Pty Ltd

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