Jacqueline Cornaby is a spokesperson for empowerment!  As an international speaker and life coach, Jacqueline began her career as lead coach and speaker in Anthony Robbins' famous life coaching organization. 

Jacqueline is most known for her mainstream transformational coaching for individuals and audiences worldwide.  Her popular Jacqueline ISM, Oh My Stars, is her voice of empowerment calling upon potential.  She is intrigued by the power of the human spirit, complemented by the universal laws, to live as the beings God intended. Jacqueline lives by her mantra, 'Get to Good', albeit not perfectly with an occasional slip of her halo, she walks the walk.

Jacqueline's purpose is to emit High Vibration leaving all in a better space than before she arrived.  Jacqueline is a reminder of your greatness for empowering your dreams. Personal alignment in her private world is her inspiration for taking thought beyond for becoming the Woman God intended her to be.  Jacqueline invites your potential to come out and play big on the planet. It Becomes You!

Jacqueline's speaking style is interactive, engaging and transformational.  She offers coaching from the stage for both large and intimate audience sizes.

Jacqueline's recent book release Get to Good-A Mantra for Life is on the publisher's best seller list.

Keynote Topic:

Get To Good

All DESIRES you seek come from abundance, also known as alignment. How can you access your potential and create The Good Life? 
Get to Good shows you how to access personal alignment using profound lifestyle conditioning for accelerated abundance.  You will be able to get out of your own way, get off it and Get to Good. Once you know how to access your personal alignment, you will begin to experience more of the good life, as defined by you. Jacqueline invites you to Get to Good, allowing your potential to come out and play today. Why not take the shortcut to abundance and feel good now?  What are you waiting for? Permission granted!

Live Events with Jacqueline

Jacqueline offers empowering, engaging and entertaining live events for audiences worldwide.  Beyond a Speaker, Jacqueline believes in the power of communicating so her audience experiences transformation during and after the event.  She offers paradigm shifts in thinking for integrating into one's lifestyle, interactive coaching from the stage, and a space for elevated thinking for inspiration and purpose available to every audience member. Jacqueline offers a mainstream style with timeless message for relating, connecting and empowering audiences.

Jacqueline Live Events can be personalised to meet the needs of your corporation, association or private event. 

Jacqueline Live Popular Themes
Get to Good with Book Signing
Empower Your Life & Enterprise
The Power of Thought
The Goddess Training
Customized Talks Available



Jacqueline is a Spiritual Leader, I would endorse anything she chooses to do.
- Tony Robbins

Jacqueline transformed our thinking to increase revenue 20% in one month over our best month ever, the best ROI hiring Jacqueline.
- Worldwide Financial Company

Jacqueline's insights are responsible for transitioning into a new partnership and funding within 60 days of our time with her, we are now positioned to be a global energy leader.
- CEO Energy Company

Jacqueline energy and conditioning techniques elevated the mindset and identity for our company for Thought Leaders and High Performers to positively influence the direction of our company.
- Managing Partner of Law Firm

Jacqueline  Cornaby speaker

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