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James Castrission is an Australian thought leader in building leadership capabilities for leading high-performance teams and fostering an explorer's mindset for achieving the extraordinary. Cas is renowned as a World-Record-Breaking Aussie Explorer constantly pushing the boundaries of human endurance. He also spent five years as a management consultant at Deloitte.

Current Work

Cas is highly regarded as one of Australia's premier public speakers, captivating global audiences with his insights on leadership, teamwork, risk management, and resilience. He is the author of two bestselling books: 'Crossing the Ditch' and 'Extreme South. His engaging and motivational presentations have reached over 920,000 people across 40 countries.

James Castrission's unique approach to conferences involves immersive simulation-based learning, allowing participants to collaboratively navigate scenarios, make decisions, and learn from the consequences firsthand.

Previous Experience

Crossing the Ditch: In late 2007, Cas and his best mate, Jonesy, made history by completing the longest unsupported transoceanic double kayak expedition-a Guinness World Record. Over 62 days, they kayaked 3318km across treacherous seas, facing dwindling supplies, technical issues, 14 days trapped in a whirlpool, and two close encounters with sharks. After this endeavour, Cas spent a lot of time reflecting on his learnings, reinforcing his belief that every lesson can be applied to any difficult situation and to anyone striving to achieve something extraordinary.

Polar Expedition: Building on their Tasman Conquest success, they set out for another extraordinary journey. On the 26th of January 2012, they became the first to walk from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back unassisted and unsupported. In 100 years of polar exploration, no one had ever successfully achieved this feat. This historic expedition showcased their growth mindset, teamwork, and determination to turn audacious goals into reality.

Speaking topics

Uncharted Ice Immersive Learning Experience

In 100 years of polar exploration, no one had ever succeeded in the perilous unsupported return journey from the coast of Antarctica. Does your team have what it takes to thrive in such a challenging environment? 

In this engaging simulation-based learning experience, participants are placed in the driver's seat of attempting this world-first adventure (without leaving the room). Facing real-world scenarios, teams must adapt, make rapid decisions, and navigate uncertainty to not only survive but also achieve a Guinness World First Adventure. This immersive experience teaches teams to make aligned decisions in a constantly changing environment, fostering collaboration and strategic thinking to succeed as one.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Adaptability
  • Decision-Making in VUCA Environment
  • Foundations of a Cohesive Team
  • Leadership

Explorer's Mindset

Achieving two world-first expeditions was no accident. In his highly motivating story-based presentation, your audience learns the importance of embodying a growth mindset, resilience and effective collaboration in navigating uncharted waters, turning change into opportunities, and leveraging systems to achieve goals. Whether through a keynote or immersive simulation-based learning, Cas highlights the risks of assumption, cognitive bias in decision-making, and the balance of conflicting priorities encompassing economic, social, and environmental factors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Growth Mindset & Resilience
  • Effective Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Dealing with failure, fear and uncertainty

Collaborating to Win

Effective collaboration and teamwork have been integral to James' record-breaking expeditions. In his engaging keynote, Cas reveals how he built and led a high-performance team to secure two Guinness World Records. Your delegates learn the critical steps to developing teams that prioritise collective success over individual ambition, emphasising alignment and collaboration. This session offers insights into cultivating a culture geared towards team success and collaboration.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Effective Collaboration
  • Team Alignment
  • Strategic Thinking

Uncharted Waters Immersive Learning Experience

With more than two thousand kilometres of treacherous seas and unpredictable weather and currents, no one had ever successfully crossed the Tasman Sea by kayak. Does your team have the resilience and determination to not only reach the starting line but to survive a world-first adventure?

The parallels between achieving daring world records and running a successful business are evident-both demand alignment, leadership, and teamwork. In this immersive learning experience, teams engage in a high-performance team (HPT) setup, making decisions on real-world scenarios from groundbreaking expeditions, where each choice affects their success. Designed to develop essential leadership and team skills, participants learn to make better decisions under pressure, work together as one, and effectively manage risk. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Decision Making in VUCA Environment
  • Effective Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Foundations of a Cohesive Team
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Speaker Showreel | James Castrission

Speaker Showreel | James Castrission

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