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Sydney-sider, Jane Hall, has been described as 'the world's most accomplished female expedition racer.' In captaining 'Team Aussie' to success in six EcoChallenge Adventure Races, she has succeeded in an event which has even beaten the world's greatest living adventurer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Everest climbers and Ironman Triathletes.
Jane is a high achiever, with a PhD in Marine Ecology, an Honorary Director of CleanUp Australia and CleanUp the World, a twelve time World Champion in Paddle Sport and even now, a regular member of Lisa Curry Kenny's Australian Riggeroos Outrigger Canoe Team which competes annually at the World Championships in Hawaii.

What she can share with you is her principles for success - and with her funny and inspiring tales from adventure racing, Jane has motivated and inspired Australians from all backgrounds and ages to step out of their comfort zone and dare to achieve the seemingly impossible.

"It's about teamwork, leadership, motivation, being prepared to 'have a go,' and planning and preparation" Jane says, "and the woman's role in that team can often value add just by the very nature of her gender." "It's also about responsible risk taking," claims Jane, "knowing the difference between acceptable risk and when that is exceeded."

For the past six years, Jane has competed in the Discovery Channel EcoChallenge, considered 'the world's toughest endurance race.' She captains a team of four - herself and three men - to navigate successfully through 500 kilometres of wilderness areas. They must race together non-stop, day and night with minimal sleep, travelling on foot, by mountain bike, sea kayak, climbing, abseiling and horseback riding. The event may even involved a camel ride or scuba dive, some activity endemic to the local area.

Athletes go through the physical punishment of racing from sea level to 4,000 feet overnight, from minus 20 degrees to plus 40, the mental struggle of racing six days on just seven hours sleep, and the emotional turmoil of pushing not only oneself through the hard parts, but helping team mates through theirs.

The EcoChallenge events are televised and repeated in the USA and Australia where audiences are inspired by Jane's performance, particularly in the Moroccan event . The story of the race, and Jane's role in that story, have wide appeal not only to sportspeople but to average every day viewers. Her remarkable performance has inspired people around the world.
Not only does Jane have an exciting and remarkable story, she also shares with her audience her principles for achieving the seemingly impossible.


"Your talk was truly exceptional - and something we will all remember. Thank you very, very much for joining us .. and sharing with us your experiences, your thoughts and lessons you have learnt. The messages were indeed tailor-made for our conference!"
- Head of Customer Service Division, Commonwealth Bank "Shining Stars" High Achievers Conference, 2002.

"...your presentation made a big impact on everyone. ...The messages you gave certainly got through and it was due to your simple deliver and highly 'visual' anecdotes so humorously described"
- Australian Pacific Projects, Chairperson Annual Conference, 2001.

"The competent, friendly and professional manner of your presentation together with the information shared was an inspiration to all who attended. Your session was rated 100% good to excellent on the day!
- NSW Spokeswomen's Program, Premiers Department, 2001.

Every time I hear Jane speak, I am inspired.
- CEO, CleanUp Australia and CleanUp the World.

A remarkable and inspiring story with take away ideas to put in place. My sales team were totally inspired.
- Software Spectrum National Marketing Manager.

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Jane Hall - Eco Challenge

Jane Hall - Eco Challenge

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