Jaquie Scammell

Jaquie is a renowned Customer Relations expert helping organisations transform their customer service culture. She has helped thousands of people develop their social intelligence to be high performers in the service sector. She speaks from the heart and you can feel her infectious energy from the stage.

For over 20 years Jaquie has worked with thousands of leaders in public and private sectors to develop a service mindset where the result is they serve people in a very human way.

Jaquie is obsessed about helping people form rewarding relationships and connect with people by developing service behaviours and using practical tools to achieve the desired interactions.

Jaquie lives and breathes her message in an authentic way and has intentionally spent most of her corporate career living at the intersection of employee and customer. From this experience she knows what levers to pull for leaders to adopt a service mindset and reach their full potential. She is the author of Creating a Customer Service Mindset.

Love Being in Service                                             

Love being in service is a keynote that talks to the heart about what it means to lead a service environment in today’s world.

In an age of digital transformation and technology, many argue we are more connected than ever before. In business, especially artificial intelligence, automation and the rise of robots has improved speed, efficiencies and processes beyond our wildest imaginations. But at what cost?

Our desire for speed and convenience is compromising our customers’ greatest and basic need as humans: care, kindness and one-on-one attention. This keynote delivered by Jaquie Scammell, who is passionate about people and relationships, is the heart of everything Jaquie teaches, and it’s everything that superior customer service relies on.  It offers up techniques that remind us that service, at its core, is simple.

We make it overly complex. We create systems and processes, whilst designed to help us, stop us from delivering the service our internal and external customers deserve. 

Jaquie herself shares deeply personal stories to remind us that the act of service is not something you do when you come to work and put your uniform on, but rather it’s a whole way of life.

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