Dr Jason Fox is a motivation strategy & design expert who shows forward thinking leaders how to influence work culture, drive progress and build for the future of work.

A big part of Jason's work involves unpacking the latest trends and developments in work culture and gamification  removing the hype and adding the science to make work work.

His adventures include working with the senior leaders of multinational organisations (to revolutionise leadership development, performance management and cultural alignment), to the leaders of multi-million dollar projects (to keep things on track and well ahead of the game). Jason?s clients include the likes of Fortune 50 companies like PepsiCo and other multinationals like SAP, Toyota and Gartner, through to companies like Optus, Telstra, Sydney Water, AMP and the International Institute for Research.

Jason is the author of The Game Changer  a new book published by Wiley that unpacks the science of motivation, gamification and agile management to drive change within organisations, teams and work.

When not liberating the world from poorly designed processes and work, Jason enjoys partaking in extreme sports like reading, coffee snobbery and fruit ninja.

And, as for the topics and whatnot, here's some copy that might be useful.

If you are looking for freshest and best insights in the science of motivation and the future of work, distilled and delivered brilliantly Dr Jason Fox is your man. Jason works particularly well with smart audiences that have seen it all before?. His contemporary yet pragmatic approach to classic leadership challenges, combined with an inherent bias to action and progress makes him an ideal speaker for any event looking to make a difference


This is the stuff keynotes are made of.

Motivation (the science of)
Give your people an understanding of what really motivates behaviour. An ideal compliment to any focus on leadership, management, sales, customer engagement and product development.

Leadership (especially through change)
If youre over the classic leadership? topics, Jason can provide a pragmatic yet out-of-left-field perspective, grounded in science. Ideal for any organisation transitioning through change.

 Work (the future of)
Robot unicorns and flying space ninjas? Maybe. But in the meantime, there are things we can do today to build for the future of work. Ideal for those wanting to cut through the hype of emerging trends and provoke real thinking about innovations in the way we work.


Here are a few ways Jason can help you enhance your event.

 A Conference Gamestorm
This is where Jason works with you to design and facilitate gamefully interactive activities and experiences that are meaningful and relevant to your event. Think: on-stage angry birds, mass rock-paper-scissors, and street scavenger hunts... all with a purpose. Also, better integration of sponsors into the event. Triple wins, all round.

This is Jasons fancy way saying MC. Its not a roll he relishes on its own but when combined with conference doodling (below) and a closing keynote, it is ACE! Think: an event that builds in momentum, relevance and meaning  even if some of your speakers are a bit boring or content heavy. Jason will bring the best out of everything for you and your participants. Also: epic panel sessions!

Conference Doodling & Visual Wrap-up
This is where Jason sits in on your event, tracking key ideas from all plenary speakers in cartoon/comic style format (on a digital pen tablet). These slides are then incorporated into Jasons closing keynote  where he recaps all the important ideas from the event. Somewhat humorously, but with reverence. Participants are then guided through activities that will help them leave not just ?inspired with a heap of ideas, but with a refined set of ideas, a sense of optimistic urgency, and a gameplan to make them happen.

Then, these illustrated slides are made available to all delegates after the event so that everyone gets it... ensuring that your conference message sticks (and has reach)


Dr Jason Fox is a breath of fresh air.
- CEO, Swaab Attorneys

Highly original, strategic and practical.
- Head of Transformation, Commonwealth Bank

His work is revolutionary.
- Founder Thought Leaders Global

Entertaining, intelligent, and thought provoking... The perfect presenter for leadership
- Comms and Brand Strategy Optus

Incredibly clever and practical... Jason contributed greatly to our event
- Talent Director Pepsi Co

I wish all my speakers could be as smart, talented and delightful to work with as you are. Thank you for raising the bar even higher than we dreamed possible! It was an absolute pleasure working with you on this event. On behalf of the entire IIR team, thank you again for making the main stage legendary (and memorable and FUN)
- Senior Conference Producer, The Institute for International Research, New York

Jason did a fantastic job capturing all the ideas and messages at our event. It was a big program, but he wrapped everything up with humour and impact. Having the visual notes after the event is gold. Book Dr Jason Fox if you want to your event to conclude with a great sense of practical optimism
- CEO Cotton Australia

Jason Fox speaker

Speaker Video

The Game Changer

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