Jason Jelicich is CEO and founder and of an organisation devoted to creating more connected people and healthier working cultures.  For the past 20 years, Jason has been teaching, training and guiding others from all walks of life. He has developed literally hundreds of educational programs for employees and their leadership teams, as well as working with troubled teenagers on the side.

But on a business trip to Miami, Jason's life was turned upside down when he received the news that his son had been diagnosed with cancer. His perspective on life and work shifted irrevocably, and as a result, a new paradigm for dealing with the world emerged.  He now shares his inspiring message on how to stay in the 'Present' during challenging times - without having to meditate on a mountaintop somewhere! His book,  is The Present - A Handbook for the Everyday Guru.

THE PRESENT KEYNOTE - Harnessing The Power of the Present Moment.
Stress related presenteeism and absenteeism are costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year!. Many organisational Psychologists and GP's are now turning towards the new science - but ancient practice - of Mindfulness to find answers.  Being connected to the Present moment is the key to Mindfulness. Individuals who are connected to
the present tend to be more action-orientated, display clearer thinking, better able to problem-solve and consequently are more effective. Teams who are connected to the present tend to work more collaboratively, are more motivated and productive, and are likely to achieve better results. In The Present Keynote your participants are involved in a participatory theatre-like experience offering practical strategies and insights as to how they may continuously better manage their cerebral energy, and thereby help them to keep a clear and agile mind, which inevitability leads to better business decisions.

Take-outs include:

  • Ways to gain more mental clarity in 5 minutes or less
  • Enhance your 'gut-feel' leading to better decisions
  • Become more action-orientated and take control of your immediate domain
  • Read people and situations with more accuracy and empathy
  • How to step out of comfort zones and take on new challenges

Present Leadership

The 'Present Leadership' keynote presentation is designed specifically for executives, managers and team-leaders who are looking to become more centered, calm and in control of what can often be chaotic and confusing working environments.

Practical strategies and insights are given as to how leaders may continuously better manage their cerebral energy, and thereby help them to keep a clear and agile mind, which inevitability leads to better business decisions.

3 take-outs for this session:

  • Ways to gain more mental clarity in 5 minutes or less
  • Enhance your 'gut-feel' leading to better decisions
  • Read people and situations with more accuracy and empathy


A great 'mix' of showmanship & meaning, my team came away inspired
- Director of Learning and Development, STW Group

There were light bulbs going off all around the room. Jason really delivered.
- CMAA F&B Conference Organiser

I needed a speaker with great content who could also refresh the energy for the afternoon session on the last day of our conference. A hard task, but Jason's interactive and engaging presentation style was just the ticket!
- EAN Congress Conference Organiser

Jason had our Agents engaged from the second he stepped up on stage. His enthusiasm and interaction with the Agents maintained their attention and got our succinct 'flair' message across beautifully. A memorable, fun part of an important evening.
- Manager Retail Sales RAWA

Thanks very much for yesterday and for leaving everyone on a high. I‘ve had nothing but positive feedback on your session.
- National Sales Manager ADT.

Listening to Jason refer to The Present versus The Past and The Future had a great impact on my daily approach and thinking. It was inspiring, thought provoking and left a lasting impression.
- EA to CEO, CBHS Health Fund Ltd

Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation to the CCIA team yesterday – we have had so much positive feedback from every team member - a real lift to our spirits and inspiration to keep fighting to achieve our vision!
- CEO, The Children's Cancer Institute of Australia

With his new talk 'The Present', Jason delivered an inspiring keynote and left our members wow'ed - it was the perfect way to close our 2-day event.
- Director, Executive Assistant Network

‘You certainly have made me realize the power of now and how to use it to improve my outlook on life’ ~
- Director, Applied Training Solutions.

‘I'd like to thank you for an amazing presentation at the EAN Conference. You are inspirational!’
- EA to MD, Glencore Grain

Jason Jelicich speaker

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