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Dr. Jerome Joseph, ranked No. 2 in the World (2022) as a Global Brand Guru, is a best-selling author & thought leader. An award-winning speaker, Jerome specializes in leveraging brand strategy to enhance Brand Experience, Branded Cultures, Personal Branding, AI, Sales, and Customer Experience, ensuring that every aspect of your business is driven by your BRAND. With his extensive experience as a CEO and Board Member of a global public listed brand agency, Jerome brings real-life expertise to the stage. Jerome is the best-selling author of 9 books on branding and has over 27 years of experience working with over 1,000 brands, including numerous Fortune 500 companies across 37 countries. He has collaborated with MNC clients in industries such as Financial, Pharma, Lifestyle, & Tech, among many others. His combination of real-life consulting experience, global expertise, and proven speaking skills makes him a sought-after speaker in the market. Known for his highly infectious personality, fast-paced, and interactive style of speaking and storytelling, audiences can expect to be entertained while gaining a wealth of valuable insights.

Dr. Jerome holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, which is held only by the top 12% of speakers worldwide as an award for speaking expertise. In 2015, he was awarded the prestigious Global Speaking Fellow, making him the 30th speaker globally to earn this honor. Currently, less than 1% of speakers globally hold this designation. He also holds the Practicing Management Consultant (PMC) designation, awarded to experienced industry veterans in consulting. Additionally, Jerome is a Hall of Fame recipient, an honor bestowed upon the top speakers in Asia who have demonstrated exceptional speaking skills and established strong thought leadership.

In 2018, Jerome was recognized as a Top 30 Global Brand Guru and is the only Asian based in Asia to make the list. In 2020/22, he was ranked No. 2 in the world as a Global Brand Thought Leader.

With his unique blend of expertise, experience, and engaging presentation style, Dr. Jerome Joseph is the perfect choice to inspire and educate your audience, leaving a lasting impact on their professional and personal growth. Whether you're looking for a dynamic keynote speaker or an interactive workshop facilitator, Jerome's sessions promise to deliver actionable insights and memorable experiences. Book Dr. Jerome Joseph today and elevate your event with a speaker who not only inspires but transforms.

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In the current digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a technological advancement; it's a pivotal force in redefining branding and marketing strategies. Recent studies show that companies using AI for customer personalization report a 6-10% increase in revenue nearly 2.5 times faster than those that don't. This keynote by Dr. Jerome Joseph explores how AI is shaping the future of branding. You will learn about the strategic role of AI in enhancing brand and customer experiences, understand a clear framework for integrating AI into your branding efforts, and discover essential AI tools that can transform your brand.

Learning Outcomes:

-Gain insights into how AI can optimize brand engagement, brand marketing and customer engagement, supporting dynamic AI led marketing strategies.

- Learn a structured approach to implement AI technologies that align with brand objectives and market demands.

-Explore transformative AI tools that revolutionize customer data analysis, content generation, and digital marketing efforts.

-Review case studies from tech giants and innovators, understanding how they leverage AI to foster significant brand evolution and market success.

-Brand Storytelling Reinvented: From Pixels to Purpose: Witness AI-generated content that resonate with audiences.

-Explore AI's role in creating compelling brand narratives.

Turn Me On

In the digital era, a compelling personal brand is crucial for entrepreneurial success. Based on Dr. Jerome's bestselling book, "Turn Me On," this keynote is crafted specifically for entrepreneurs, sales professional and executives who wish to elevate their visibility and influence using modern digital tools. Studies indicate that 92% of people trust personal brands over corporate brands when making decisions (Nielsen). Leverage this trust to forge meaningful connections, attract business opportunities, and drive substantial growth through a robust digital presence. This session will equip you with the skills to craft an authentic personal brand that resonates across digital platforms, using social media, content marketing, and AI to amplify your reach and impact.

DISCOVER: Identify your unique strengths and analyse your digital footprint to develop a brand strategy that positions your Brand.

DEFINE: Target your ideal audience using digital analytics tools, and refine your brand messaging to meet the specific needs and preferences of your market.

DEVELOP: Craft your unique value proposition and differentiation that resonates with your audience, ensuring it aligns with your professional objectives and personal style

DELIVER: Implement a comprehensive online & offline strategy that effectively disseminates your personal brand across multiple channels, from social media to professional networks, ensuring consistent visibility and engagement.

The Brand Champion Mindset

In the quest to build a world-class brand, the journey begins from within. A staggering 88% of employees believe a strong corporate culture is key to business success. This program based on the bestselling book by Dr Jerome: "Internal Branding", is a pivotal keynote that unveils how to forge a powerful internal brand that resonates through every aspect of your organization. This session will guide you through aligning your employees with your brand's core values, mission, & vision, transforming them into passionate brand champions. Discover how to cultivate a sustainable branded culture that empowers employees, enhances customer experiences, and drives overall brand performance. Learn strategic approaches to integrate your brand essence into daily operations, ensuring your brand's promise is delivered consistently at every customer touchpoint

-Brand Alignment: Master techniques to align employees with your branded culture ensuring consistency in every interaction.

-Branded Cultural Clarity & Integration: Develop strategies to integrate the brand deeply into your corporate culture, enhancing employee engagement/advocacy.

-Branding to drive Connection: Guide employees on exhibiting on-brand behaviour across all organizational levels, making the brand's values actionable and visible.

Cultivating Brand Champions: Learn practical methods to nurture & empower employees, transforming them into active defenders and promoters of your brand.

The Brand Playbook

Based on Dr. Jerome's bestselling book, "The Brand Playbook: Game- Changing Strategies and Ideas to Win in the Marketplace," this keynote invites you to experience the power of top-tier strategies in the areas of Innovation, Culture, AI and Experiences that have reshaped the market landscapes. This program distils cutting-edge strategies from the world's top brands, empowering you to enhance your brand's credibility & drive unprecedented growth. Engage in an interactive session where our PLAYS becomes your unbeatable strategic advantage. Discover how to make your brand Stand Out & WIN. Get ready to elevate your game and outmaneuver the competition!

-Master innovative strategies that will transform your brand's i and accelerate growth. Learn to think like a strategist and act like a tactician within your market.

-Gain competitive advantages by adopting unique branding hacks and insights from global market leaders, directly increasing your market presence and influence.

-Translate theoretical knowledge into practical actions. Implement key takeaways from our playbook through interactive examples and case studies, enhancing your brand's market positioning.

-Leverage the Brand Playbook Framework to strategically plan and execute your branding moves, ensuring consistent growth and visibility in your industry.

-Not only learn powerful strategies but also how to practically apply these within your own business to see real results.


After attending Dr Jerome's Brand Mastery Session, I must say he is one legit guru with a profound understanding of branding and how it can impact our sales and growth. He has the ability to convey these concepts in a clear, powerful frameworks. If you are seeking a branding guru who can demystify the complexities of branding and make it accessible and sustainable, Dr Jerome is the ideal choice.
Financial Director, Great Eastern

I have known and worked with Jerome for a long time now over the many HR Summits that we deliver in Asia. Every time he has spoken at an event of mine, the feedback from the audience has always been positive and complimentary. He is an engaging speaker, who knows how to add value attendees through his content and message. I would definitely recommend Jerome if you are looking for a top speaker on Branding and Culture!
Conference Producer/ HR Summits

I am delighted to provide my highest recommendation for Dr. Jerome, an outstanding Brand & Marketing Expert for our Financial Advisers. Working with Dr. Joseph has been an absolute pleasure and an immensely valuable experience. His expertise in branding, speaking skills, coupled with his deep understanding of the financial industry, is second to none. Dr. Jerome Joseph's personalized approach, global experience & thought leadership added immense value to our team. I am grateful for his unwavering dedication and highly recommend him to any financial client.
L&D Director/ Prudential

I had a chance to interact with Jerome when he worked with our Global Sales Teams. Jerome is an excellent speaker, trainer and coach who brings his years of experience in the field to the stage. I have been impressed with his ability to connect with his audience with powerful stories, techniques and real life experiences. I highly recommend him to impact your brand, sales and organisation.
Sales Director/ SAP

Dr Jerome is one of my personal favorite speakers that I have had the privilege to work with. He is congruent and consistent with external and internal stakeholders; passionate, kind, prompt and 120% dedicated to his work. He is a top-notch professional speaker, a global thought leader who walks his talk, and a business partner anyone can rely on, even in challenging times. His programs are world-class and highly engaging. More importantly he gets us and our needs.
Sales Enablement Lead, TikTok

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Speaker Showreel | Dr. Jerome Joseph

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