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Once upon a time Jim made his living as a cowboy. Then he discovered he could apply what he learned about punching cows to provoking people! So now Jim is a professional provoker! He provokes people and organizations to reach their full potential.

Armed with a degree in animal science, Jim has combined the principles of human behavior with the principles of animal behavior to come up with what he calls Cowboy Psychology. Cowboy Psychology revolves around his basic tenet of human motivation: Without a purpose our only motivation is reward and punishment. Any animal can be manipulated using the extrinsic stimuli of reward and punishment. Purpose is the only stimulus that engages the human spirit and empowers us to rise above our animal natures to become intrinsically motivated. This sets us on the path to reaching our full potential.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University, Jim became a top producing salesman and marketing executive with two Fortune 500 companies. In 1988 Jim discovered his purpose in life: "To help people reach their full potential." That discovery transformed his life and led to the founding of Purpose Unlimited which transforms lives, leaders and organizations through the power of Purpose. Jim is also a founding partner of The Institute for Purposeful Living, a nonprofit organization that helps people find and fulfill their purpose in life.

As a consultant and speaker he has worked with companies and associations in a many different industries. As you might guess, his approach to personal and organizational development is unique.

Jim is the author of Riding for the Brand: The Power of Purposeful Leadership, The Transformational Power of Purpose: Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life and Road Signs For Success: 99 Purposeful Principles to Guide You on the Road to Reaching Your Full Potential. He is co-publisher of the Road Signs For Success Weekly and has written hundreds of articles on motivation, leadership and change. Jim stays connected with his cattle industry roots by writing a column for the CALF NEWS entitled Whitt & Wisdom.

On the platform Jim might be best described as a cross between Dr. Phil and Jeff Foxworthy. He makes people think and laugh ... all at the same time. Jim's presentations are fun, fast-paced and punctuated with his unique brand of humor that draws on his rural roots.

The Transformational Power of Purpose: Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life
Any animal can be trained using the extrinsic stimuli of reward and punishment. Purpose is the only stimulus that engages the human spirit and empowers us to rise above our animal natures to become intrinsically motivated. Learn how ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary through The Transformational Power of Purpose.

Riding for the Brand:The Power of Purposeful Leadership
In the old west, a brand not only identified a ranch's cattle, it was a symbol of pride and loyalty for all of its cowboys - they rode for the brand. People today want more from their work than perks and a paycheck - they want to be partners in a cause. Like cowboys of yesteryear they want to ride for the brand. Learn how leaders and organizations are transformed through The Power of Purposeful Leadership.

The Psychology of Change: You Can Do What Old Dogs Can't
All animals are creatures of habit. But human beings are the only animals that can choose to change. Unlike old dogs, humans can learn new tricks when they understand the psychological and physiological principles involved in creating new patterns of behavior.


How fun! I am so pleased with the feedback I am hearing regarding your thought provoking presentation. You touched on several philosophies we share here at Southwest Airlines. You are awesome in delivering the message of 'discovering your purpose in life.' You instill a desire to look deeply inside ourselves to allow the 'real' person and all of one's dreams and aspirations to come flying out with great force and passion!
- Southwest Airlines

He 'lassoed' the group at the start and kept them 'hog-tied' throughout the afternoon. He inspired, encouraged and made us think. We were reminded that we all have a purpose in life.
- Medical Group Management Association

Thanks so much for your presentation and your flexibility in adding the roping to your message! We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our people that your message was directed at them! Exactly what they needed to hear! And that they went right home and practiced roping their spouses! Thanks for your wit and charm and inspiration! You were a memorable complement to our team! Thank you for being there and being so precise with the planning and implementation! We appreciate you!
- Beazer Homes

We could not have had a more appropriate message for our managers to take home with them. They have expressed how meaningful your words were to them. Preparation is so critical in your business, and you did your homework.
- Farm Bureau Insurance Companies

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