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Health and nutrition are topics of rising importance on all of our minds, yet never has it been a more confusing space. What is a healthy diet? How does the way we eat and the way we live our lives affect how we feel today and our health in the future? How do our food choices impact the environment and the health of our planet for future generations? In the work environment, how does diet and lifestyle affect performance and creativity?

Answering those questions and many more has long been a passion for nutrition scientist Dr Joanna McMillan, with over twenty years of experience in the health and fitness industries to draw upon.

Originally from Scotland, Joanna came to Australia in 1999 qualified with a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics. She then won a scholarship to complete her PhD with The University of Sydney, which she was awarded in 2006.

Joanna has extensive media experience as a health presenter with a particular skill in translating science into everyday messages to benefit us all. She is a regular on our TV screens with appearances on numerous shows including The Today Show, A Current Affair, Nine News, 7 News, Studio 10, Destination Happiness and ABC Catalyst.

Joanna is an accomplished author, having published several books on nutrition and health, including her latest Get Lean, Stay Lean – The 6-step program for a happier, healthier body, for life. Her previous book Inner Health Outer Beauty was the winner of the 2010 Australia Food Media Awards for Best Health or Specific Diet Book.

She runs her own website, a trusted nutrition and healthy lifestyle hub, which also houses her successful online healthy lifestyle change program, Get Lean.

Joanna’s journalistic career has seen her contribute and consult for numerous publications and online blogs, including her own. Her enormously successful weekly column in Sunday Life, My Day on a Plate, has now been running for several years.

Dr Joanna’s powerful, passionate and joyful presentation style ensures the rapt attention of audiences. Her versatility and experience as a speaker allows her to deliver corporate or public event keynotes, or to lead charity balls, conference proceedings or other events as a master of ceremonies.

As a diverse presenter, Dr Joanna can also offer live cooking demos in addition to discussions on nutrition, healthy lifestyles and work-life balance.

Dr Joanna is a proud ambassador for Diabetes Australia, The Skin and Cancer Foundation and FoodBank.

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Eat for real change Dr Joanna McMillan TEDxMacquarieUniversi

Eat for real change Dr Joanna McMillan TEDxMacquarieUniversi

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