John Barker

Australia - NSW
John Barker is the corporate communicator for the new millennium
John's personal experience of running diverse business interests and dealing effectively with staff, professional colleagues and clients is evident in his presentation style. John is the co-author of a number of systems books and manuals for real estate agencies.

John is the most experienced exponent of the DISC System in Australia. The system is one of the world's most effective tools for developing excellence in teams and communication skills. John will infect you with his in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm. He will pass on to your staff the ability to effectively communicate with and influence others.

John's practical experience in the business world translates into a hands-on approach to keynote speeches and workshops. He will help you gain the ability to put the theories into practice to take your organisation to the top of your field.

Checklist - What training do your people need most?

Improved communication skills
Negotiation skills
Conflict resolution
Better employee selection techniques
Improved team dynamics
Higher retention of quality employees
Building dynamic customer relationships
Sales skills
New people-management skills


Achieved degrees and post-graduate qualifications in Science, Architecture and Building
Operated his own architectural design office - since 1980
Had 10 years experience as the owner/manager of a busy real estate agency; a market leader
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