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John A. Caslione is an expert on business globalization and China's economy. John appears as a guest speaker for  CNBC Europe on its "Squawk Box" and "Morning Exchange" programs where he speaks on critical issues in developing global business and China.

John Caslione serves as director and advisor for a number of companies in the USA, Europe and Asia.  These companies provide financial investment and operations assistance to European and US firm seeking to develop closer ties to China and Chinese businesses.

Caslione frequently speaks on the new global economy and global business development in many forums including the Institute for Management Development's (IMD) Program for Executive Development (Lausanne, Switzerland); at IAE (Aix-en-Provence, France); at the Dubai Strategy Conference and many others worldwide.

John is also a frequent guest lecturer at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, where he speaks to business executive in Kellogg's Global Initiatives in Management Program (GIM) on global marketing and business development, including in China and Asia.

Caslione is also a member of the adjunct faculty of Southern Methodist University's (SMU) Edwin L. Cox School of Business's Executive Education Department where he teaches marketing strategy.

John Caslione has authored a number of articles on globalization, developing business globally especially for small and medium size businesses (SMEs). Caslione's published articles can be read in Expression Magazine, the in-flight passenger magazine for five of the largest seven airlines in China with a monthly readership of more than 20 million passengers each month.  John Caslione was also the subject of the featured cover story of Expression Magazine's December 2003 issue.

In July 2004, Caslione was the featured subject of, Cai Zhi Ren Wu, the leading nationally-broadcast and highly-acclaimed business news program in China featuring global opinion leaders in business and politics, including Bill Gates (Microsoft), Alan Greenspan (US Federal Reserve), Lee Scott (Wal-Mart), etc.




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