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Dr John Hinwood has an unusual way of changing people's lives. In a journey that has lasted more than  24 years he has been handing out a small white card to almost everyone he has met. The card has just three words written on it... 'Expect A Miracle'.

He estimates he has personally handed out over 86,000 cards to people all over the world in the last 24 years. Through this small act of kindness John Hinwood prompts people to think about their own miracles; the small seemingly insignificant events and moments in people's lives that open the doors to a sense of wonderment and opportunity.

As a coach, consultant, mentor and international speaker for over 30 years he has helped people around the world and in all walks of life find their own miracles in business and life.

John is a well-known author of numerous books, the latest an international best seller, You Can Expect A Miracle... the book to change your life!

He is a great example of the power of miracles. He suffered from severe 'knock knees' as a young child, was a bad stutterer and also suffered from dyslexia. His parents were told by school guidance officers that the best he should aspire to was a job as a postal clerk. He overcame his learning difficulties, won a scholarship to study physical education at Sydney Teachers' College, taught High School in Australia, England and South Africa and then completed a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in Canada. He went on to establish one of Australia's most successful chiropractic practices with his wife Dr Judy Hinwood.

In his personal life he and his wife, Judy adopted three older illiterate and challenged children from Chile. The children are all in their 30s now and leading wonderful productive lives. John and Judy returned to Chile with their three children 13 years later and helped them find over 120 members of their biological family including their separated parents.

Dr Hinwood is also a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractors, a Fellow of the Australasian College of Chiropractors and a Fellow of The Australian Institute of Management, one of few health professionals to gain the distinction. He has had papers published in academic journals and was once Captain/Coach of the Danish National Rugby Team.

As an international speaker he inspires his audiences into taking practical action steps to move their lives to new levels.  His perspectives, humour, observations, insights into life and entertaining stories are from the heart and they inspire and motivate people into taking positive action steps.

John's experience as a health professional by training, successful businessman by effort and an inspiration by nature has given him an awesome array of practical tools for success.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle" - Albert Einstein

Developing a Miracle Mindset may sound like a left of centre business topic, but the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) see this as the thinking of the future and have booked Dr John Hinwood to be one of their Master Class Presenters.

At a time when there is so much negativity around in our daily lives, with talk of recessions and global economy meltdowns, we need to learn the skills to remain positive and to challenge and change mindsets that are not producing the best results.

Dr John Hinwood will show you how to move from ordinary to extraordinary in your business and life.

Keynote Topics:

How to Become a Miracle Magnet ...receiving miracles is a way of life if you are open to receiving them
Benefits for participants...

* Understand and learn the 13 steps to create miracles in your life.
* Learn skills on how you can face everyday confidently.
* You'll know innately that your business and personal visions will work.
* How to 'increase your luck' in life.

The Miracle Mindset
A 2 hour workshop to develop your own 'miracle mindset' so you can harness amazing rewards, working and playing 'outside the box'.
Benefits for participants...

* Challenging and changing mindsets that are not producing the best results
* How to move from ordinary to extraordinary in your business and life
* The importance of enormous gratitude
* Refocusing mechanisms for problem solving and planning
* To appreciate even small miracles in your life and how to unselfishly anticipate bringing in more miracles
* That there is no real alternative but to get the best out of people and situations
* Harnessing some amazing rewards playing 'outside the box'

Creating Miracles In Your Life
A 45 minute keynote presentation that prompts people to recognise their own miracles in their life. These often small, seemingly insignificant events and moments in their lives that can open the doors to a sense of wonderment and more opportunities. The presentation reveals 7 key 'miracle tips' that if put into place on a daily basis can transform your thinking and transform your life.  Most people have dreams in their lives, but very few ever really think of their dreams as miracles and know how to crystallize their focus and create a life full of miracles.

An Evening of Miracles
An entertaining after dinner encounter full of amazing stories that will have you laughing, crying and seeing life from a different perspective.



John must be one of the most engaging and entertaining public speakers I have ever enjoyed. His passion for humanity, health and wellbeing and for making a positive difference is legendary. John is not afraid to tell the truth but can do so with style and substance.
- Senior Adviser, Beacon Wealth Pty Ltd

Compelling, frank, honest, funny, moving. I first heard Dr John Hinwood speak at a fundraising event at the Tattersall's Club in Brisbane. The charity was a World Vision associated group, On that evening he was a combination of MC, speaker and auctioneer. Like everyone in the room I was impressed by his mastery of seamlessly moving between managing the attendees, evoking emotional response by his description of the needs of the charity, and the high energy and fun auctioneering style.
- Director, Atmanjai Wellness Centres Asia

John has a rare gift of being able to communicate ideas and principles through stories and to empower audiences. It has often been said by participants that they felt he was speaking directly to them individually.
- President , Life-West Chiropractic College

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John Hinwood

John Hinwood

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