John Lees

John Lees is a sales and marketing specialist, totally focused on 'serious sales development.' His range of conference presentations is original, full of proven strategies, highly motivational, humorous and very entertaining. John addresses audiences that are committed to achieving profitable sales progress, including senior managers, sales teams both small and large, customers, franchisees, agents, association executives, etc.

John was a senior marketing and sales executive for Schwarzkopf, in Australia and NZ and then on an international basis, and he is the author of five books on business development.

Having spoken many times for major organisations such as IBM, AMP, EDS, McDonalds, Telstra, leading accounting firms and an array of progressive companies from product and service industries, he is often asked to remain on as a sales development consultant.

John Lees is a unique communicator, and being both a professional speaker as well as a humorist, he is able to perform highly effective roles as ''Master of Ceremonies' and After-Dinner presenter.

All John's presentations are tailored to suit company objectives, based on a number of sales related topics, some being:

  • Profiting from Change
  • The Move from 'Order-Taker' to Sales-Maker
  • Managers See Only One Economy, Leaders See Two
  • Sell Pleasure First, Price Last
  • Succeeding... On Purpose
  • Winning With Service Attitudes & Team Work
  • Business is Never Good or Bad, It's What You Make It
  • Customers Do As They Are Sold
  • Creating the Spirit of Service & Success
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