John Novak

Winning the mind game with Australian sports' secret weapon

Unlocking the power of the mind to reach one's full potential has seen world famous athletes, premiership-winning football teams and the corporate world alike look to the expertise of mind coach John Novak.

An author of three books and creator of The Boomerang Effect, John has worked as a sports motivator and mind trainer for over 20 years with elite athletes who have earned National, International, Commonwealth and Olympic Games recognition.

Currently Head of Mind Management for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs NRL team and providing ongoing counsel to world class athletes such as Olympians James Magnussen and Melissa Wu among many others, success has followed wherever John's proprietary 'Boomerang Effect' philosophy of 'best-self' has been introduced.

John's experience in the inner sanctum of elite sport in Australia is supported by his previous work in academia, including as Head of Sport Management and the International College of Management Sydney (ICMS).

With over three decades of experience in speaking and lecturing, John uses his vast knowledge of mental preparation in elite sport to highlight what it takes to succeed above the shoulders. John delivers a focus and mindset to his audience that can be implemented in the boardroom, workplace, and across any role or industry.

John can present across the following topics:

- Motivation

- Leadership

- Mind Strategies

- Mental Preparation

- Stress Management

- Overcoming challenges

- Personal Development

- Team Cohesion

- Productivity

- Confidence

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