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Dr John Tickell is one of the rare breed of speakers who have been there and done that - on both sides of the desk - as a consultant to high profile corporate executives worldwide and as a man with extensive experience at the coal face, having developed substantial, successful businesses in his

He was the creator of the Hyatt Regency Coolum International Resort and Spa in Queensland and the Heritage Golf and Country Club in the Yarra Valley of Melbourne.  The Doctor is a best selling author and well-known media personality. 

An internationally acclaimed speaker, Dr John is the only Australian to be invited to speak on the main platform at the American Million Dollar Round Table Insurance Conference twice and has been rated in the Top 10 speakers in the World by America's most influential business group.

As a Medical Doctor he has visited over 100 countries to study the habits of the longest living, healthiest people on earth. Armed with this knowledge, he breaks down a minefield of medical information into simplistic terms that people can understand and act upon - it is one of the things this man does best.

Dr Tickell is like a breath of fresh air at any event, his charismatic personality and well-placed presentation humour entertains and motivates the most discerning of audiences.  He is the ultimate tonic for those people who wish to break the stress cycle and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.


His most popular presentation in this volatile climate is:


We have little or no control over what is going to happen in the financial markets in the next year or so - even the financial gurus admit that they cannot forecast the immediate future with any certainty.

This uncertainty is causing enormous pressure and stress on individuals personally and in their business, and unless people are quickly able to implement strategies to improve their coping skills, this will cause dramatic effects not only in the work place, but in personal and family lives.

When people are under too much stress, energy levels drop, work performance lowers, relationships suffer and in the next year or two, there will be a substantial rise in heart attacks, divorce, depressive disorders and the early stages of cancer.

Dr John Tickell, international authority on stress management, says that we must nip this in the bud and do everything possible to take back control, or the consequences will follow.

'Exactly the same pressures are applied to winners and losers and yet some people are destroyed by the very pressures on which others thrive'.

The economic climate gives us the perfect opportunity to refine the way we do things - we can live our lives smarter and we can do business better.

During this entertaining and informative presentation, the good Doctor highlights the silent warning signs and shows how to follow through with The Seven Sure-Fire Strategies to vastly improve coping skills in these uncertain times.

Other popular topics are:

Put the Life Back in Your Business
Our work culture is changing - successful companies are enhancing the bottom line not by asking for more hours from their people but for more life in their people. To be truly successful, we need to learn the art of juggling business, family and personal well-being. Dr Tickell's wisdom on the balance in life is a strong message that most certainly reaps rewards from both and organizational and personal point of view.

The Stress of Success
Successful, busy people are under enormous pressure today to perform in the business world and beyond. Dr John changes perceptions with simple tips on how to develop winning self management skills and break the stress cycle for a healthier, successful and more fulfilling business and personal life.

A Passion for Living
Dramatically improve your every day life by implementing the ACE program (activity skills, coping skills, eating your way to success). Learn to love pressure and heed the warning signs. Enhance your work ethic and attitude to life.

Laughter, Sex, Vegetables and Fish
Dr John's prescription for improving the way you live and think under pressure. A look at the lighter side of the stress cycle.  Find out how the ISA factor (In Side Aggression) can control your - if you let it. 

Live Younger, Live Better, Live Longer
Dr John Tickell has been searching for (and found) the key to a healthier life and the fountain of youth! No longer do genetics need to play the major part in your life. Dr John discusses the culture and habits of the longest living races of people in the world and how you can apply these principles to enhance your life.

Champions and the Others - what's the difference?
From 'Golf and Life' - the book co-authored with Jack Nicklaus - Dr Tickell teaches the four principles of greatness in his lessons on how people, whatever their field of endeavour, can consistently climb to the top of the mountain.  An excellent topic for conferences and an absolute must for corporate golf days - before or after the round.

What's so good about the Doctor?

  • His presentation is unique, inspirational, credible, memorable and actually makes a difference!
  • His successful background in medicine, sports and business gives Dr John the tools, along with his personality and wonderful sense of humour, to captivate the most discerning audience.
  • His presentation is guaranteed to be a highlight, to stimulate positive discussion and to leave the audience on a high.


John's interaction with delegates prior and during his presentation was so down to earth. Many delegates have already changed their eating habits for the better. A great presentation!
- Amcal Chemists

This man makes a difference, the Doctor gives us a strong, humorous, practical message - I recommend him highly
- General Norman Schwarzkopf at The World Masters of Business Congress

The consummate professional, John gave his usual excellent performance and was again the highlight of the conference
- International Motivation for BP Australia

John, the delegates evaluation sheets said it all....ten out of ten! Your ability to reignite our desire to enhance the quality of life and strengthen our will power was most impressive - again, congratulations
- General Motors

He's as dry as a chip and funny as hell - and as he say's, he's RIGHT, and, IT WORKS!!! It's not rocket science, just plain old fashioned common sense presented in just the right manner to get the message across! We absolutely LOVED him! Dr John is a 'must have' Speaker for those who are committed to improving their overall lifestyle
- LiquorStax

The audience loved John. They loved his humour and really appreciated his message. He was easy to work with and was very co-operative. Based on the number of people that wanted to talk with him and buy his book I think I can say that John was a huge success.
- St Johns New Zealand

The most meaningful session at our conference. Even the most cynical delegates were influenced. The quality of life of our people will be greatly improved by Dr Tickell's contribution
- Institution of Banking and Finance

A great way to open our conference. Impossible to do better
- Association of Medical Practice Managers

Outstanding! Professional, funny, enthusiastic and inspirational. Pitched at exactly the right level for clients at our Corporate Golf Day Lunch. Our thanks to Dr Tickell for yet another sensational program

"In this financial climate, you can't afford not to engage The Doctor - the best I've heard"
- Draeger International

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