Jon Petz, Author, speaker and corporate entertainer. Jon engages his audiences into his events, but also re-engages them into their own lives, careers, organizations, goals and into the lives of others. He helps them create SHOWTIME moments in which you learn how to create IMPACT instead of simply meeting expectations.

Jon is former corporate executive and named one of the top 40 business professionals under the age of 40 by Business Journals Newspapers.  

As an opening or closing keynote speaker, Jon has presented his signature and custom keynote presentations filled with energy, entertainment & inspiration for world organizations. Jon is an engagement expert who has mastered the ability to relate to his audience and capture them through the emotion and content of his presentation.

It had to be said, and finally, someone was willing to say it - Boring Meetings Suck! ABC News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine and CNBC amongst many others, have covered the success of his 'take no prisoners' approach to effective, engaging and results driven meetings. Jon adds a breath of fresh air to everyday office meetings & all who need to Get MORE from them or Get OUT of them. His keynote or breakout session, based on the book, is frequently the top rated overall session of conventions and conferences.

Performing since a child, Jon's performed his unique blend of interactive and comedy magic in the Sydney Opera House in Australia to a pasture in Sidney, Ohio. He's been the opening entertainment for groups such as the American Idol Tour and Rascal Flatts, and created custom themed shows for corporate groups, trade shows and associations around the world.

Combine this, and you have only one person. That person is Jon Petz - because No One Remembers Boring!

Signature Keynote Presentations:
Keynote speaker Jon Petz presents the perfect opening keynote presentation to effectively engage the attendees into the conference and objectives as to why they are there. Or, the perfect closing keynote event to effectively wrap up and reinforce what attendees have learned and experienced at the event.  This successfully delivers a memorable and engaging experience for attendees and leaves them with an inspirational message wrapped around the theme of the event.

It's SHOWTIME... and this Isn't a Dress Rehearsal

We all have moments in which we are cast into the spotlight, possibly when we least expect it. At this moment, it's time to create impact in who you are and what you do instead of merely meeting an expectation. These moments of impact (SHOWTIME moments) are unique to each organization and will be tailored in the keynote.

Attendees will leave empowered to:

  • Make it happen and not let it happen. It's always up to you to create stellar results and only think about taking those meaningful actions.
  • Deliver an experience to be remembered instead of merely meeting an expectation as no one remembers boring.
  • NOT be a 'just' an employee, father, mother, spouse or 'just' anything. Rekindle the passion and pride by realizing the impact you have with what you do
  • They will leave the program feeling re-engaged into their lives and work with a far greater perspective of how each effort impacts the organization, customers and bottom line results. 
  • *Note: The '7 of Hearts' story may be incorporated into this program.

Simple Moments That Create Significance ('7 of Hearts' Story)

What began in a hospital room as JUST a simple interaction has taken on a world wide mission of creating significance in simple interactions.
Everyday we make conscious, or unconscious, decisions that alter the course of our own life, along with the lives of those around us at home, work and our community. Through this keynote attendees will engage in seven different 'hearts' of their own lives, realizing they're more than JUST what a professional title allows them to be through the impact they can create within others.

Boring Meetings Suck! (Keynote or Breakout)

Would you like to increase the focus and results of your office meetings and lessen the risk of boring and ineffective meetings that lack preparation, facilitation and participation? What's it worth? (Pssst! The answer is 'GOLD')

Jon's best-selling book and content have been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, ABC and CBS News, USA Today and many more business and media journals because of its take-no-prisoners approach to meetings that rock. Attendees will walk out with proven strategies that enable organizations to GET MORE from their meetings and REDUCE or ELIMINATE ineffective meetings. This can be delivered to address the most common problems in organizational meetings, or customized based on your unique style and personality of office meetings.

Passion, Pride and Innovation

Having passion and pride in what you do starts with yourself. Passion in your daily activities originates with doing your best work, being accountable to your actions and having the most fun. For exponential results, it's not about going the extra mile, sometimes it's about starting with the extra two feet to create significance and results.

Are you willing to make a commitment to constantly improve who you are and what you do? What can be the results if you do? As the keynote speaker, Jon delivers just this. The attendees walk away with a new feeling of passion for what means the most to them and how they can apply that to both their personal and professional lives.

Stop Thinking About It; Get and Stay Out of the Box
The true achievers are those who decide to actually make a commitment to get, and stay out of the box and keep driving forward. You must be willing to do what your competition won't if you want to be soaring first-class in corporate jets instead of riding with the competition in 'the middle seat'. What are YOU willing to do?


Absolutely Wow! You exceeded our expectations.
- Bath and Body Works

Jon Petz is an outstanding corporate entertainer and motivational speaker, one who truly engages the audience.
- Vice Chairman, Deloitte & Touche

What an asset you were to our event, it was absolutely entertaining and amazing.
- UBS Financial Services

Thank you for doing such a remarkable and fantastic job. You have great talent and you know how to use it.
- Barbara Mandrell, Country Music Hall of Fame recording artist

I am writing to tell you that weeks after your show and message I STILL have people telling me how much they enjoyed it. Thank you for being a part of our program.
- Conference Chairman, Halliburton Energy Services

You are an expert in the field of entertainment!
- JP Morgan Chase

- T-Mobile

Jon Petz speaker

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Jon Petz - Keynote Speaker

Jon Petz - Keynote Speaker

Jon Petz - Event Emcee

Jon Petz - Event Emcee

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