Jordan Raskopoulos

Jordan's supreme skill is his ability to present absurd original material whilst remaining accessible to all audiences.

What you have is a tour de force of comedy brilliance that is 'on a level different to that achieved by the gaggle of observational comedians' (The Funny Tonne).

But Jordan's stand up is only the beginning. As one of the stars of Network Ten's, Logie nominated, 'The Ronnie Johns Half Hour', Raskopoulos is a brilliant character performer and comedy writer.

Furthermore Jordan's five years of experience as a professional improviser has provided him with a quick wit and charismatic stage presence. Jordan is a seasoned chameleon and is able to effortlessly slip into characters and provide a fully-embodied performance at the drop of a hat. Jordan also sings and fronts the comedy band 'The Axis of Awesome'.

Jordan's credits do not end at comedy. Jordan is an accomplished stage actor and holds a Bachelor's Degree in performance. Jordan also has an incomplete thesis analysing the performative similarities between Commedia del Arte and Professional Wrestling. One day he will finish his thesis.

A seasoned festival performer Jordan has appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Cracker Comedy Festival, The Big Laugh Comedy Festival and the Adelaide Fringe and has toured to Singapore.

2007 has seen Jordan embark upon his first solo show. 'The Adventures of the Man with the Dominant Claw' was met with sell-out audiences and rave reviews as it toured through Sydney, Adelaide, Parramatta and Melbourne. Not satisfied with performing in one festival show Jordan also appeared as a regular cast member in the impro-comedy hit 'Scrabble Unscripted' as well as making appearances at the Cracker Comedy Gala and Laughapalooza.


He's fricken funny!
- Drum Media

(Someone) so delightfully absurd that you can't help but love this little world he has created. There's so many moments of sheer brilliance that it's near impossible to pick out highlights.
- The Groggy Squirrel

With his offbeat comedy style, Jordan Raskopoulos is one of Australia's most original comedians. Jordan's absurd one liners and twisted tales have been described as 'equal parts Kafka and after-school viewing'.
- The Age

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