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JOsephine O'Reilly developed a corporate training program in improvisation, comedy and communication during her time in Amsterdam as Artistic Director of Europe's premier improvisation comedy ensemble, Boom Chicago.
JOsephine was responding to the question most often asked by the audience of the performing company - how do performers put on a quality comedy improvisation show and make people laugh night after night.

To all comedy improvisers the answer is clear - we communicate.

Organisations throughout the world have found that the elements that make a successful comedy scene on stage are surprisingly applicable to daily work situations. In groups and individual communication and improvisation workshops, JOsephine leads participants through improvisation exercises and performances that focus on listening, creativity, connection, teamwork and problem solving in a fun and innovative way.

Without exception, in each session there has been laughter, spontaneity and a new awareness of ways of communicating.Jo O'Reilly is a dynamic, internationally acclaimed performer and trainer, combining her experience in the world of comedy, opera and social sciences.

Her masterclass enthusiastically explores and executes the concepts of

- Claiming an entitlement to present
- Eradicating preciousness with ideas
- Practice practice practice and the work starts now
- Becoming familiar with failure and recognising failure as a terrific learning opportunity to identify what didn't work and why
- Recognising risk as inherent to any steps to improve, defining discretionary steps and encouragement to start risking now
- Acceptance of 'process process process' as the key to presenting success
- Within minutes, participants are up on their feet, doing exercises, reflecting on what the voice inside their head is telling them and - - Identifying how this limits and judges their performance. The masterclass encourages participants to be curious about these critical - Messages and shows participants how to replace the critic with powerful encouraging prompts from their inner coach.

Jo's years of experience in comedy have helped her to understand how liberating communication becomes when one understands fully how much the inner coach can take the bully out of our head and let the coach in to do the work. The exercises used in the masterclass have comedic elements, which cleverly makes the workshop process terrific fun.

Jo has become more and more connected to how genuinely anxious and curious people are about presenting and communicating in the workplace, and the use of laughter as a tool for discovery about good presentation techniques is a great de-stressor for participants.

JOsephine O'REILLY offers six tailored products for your company:

Improvisation Workshops
A workshop in improvisation that encourages communication, spontaneity, creativity, and teamwork. By the end of the workshop, participants have completed a series of skill based comedy and improvisation exercises where laughter, connection and energy are paramount.

Connecting Improvisation Skills to the Workplace
JOsephine facilitates a lively meaningful session where participants reflect on how their experience of communication skills in the comedy improvisation workshop relate to the workplace.

One-on-One Sessions
JOsephine uses her international experience as a director and performer to work with individuals in companies. In these dynamic sessions JOsephine assesses, offers and explores strategies for each individual. These sessions enable greater impact in presentations, the workplace and important business interactions.

Comedy Show
Using international improvisation champions, JOsephine offers a fabulous show which features comedy improvisation. The performers interact with your audience, using your suggestions to create an inspired.
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