Josh Toomey

Josh Toomey is a proud Wiradjuri man from Dubbo in central-western New South Wales, whose life’s work is dedicated to transforming communities and empowering individuals to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. With a deep commitment to helping people break free from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, Josh has become a beacon of hope and a role model for many.

Despite facing numerous personal and educational challenges, including completing high school with poor numeracy and literacy skills, Josh has always approached life head-on. His journey of overcoming adversity has shaped him into a passionate leader who stands up for positive change. Josh's personal experiences have driven him to support Aboriginal people in achieving sustainable transformations in their lives, while also encouraging the wider community to strive for their best.

Josh's powerful communication skills, witty storytelling, and unwavering self-determination have not only transformed his own life but also inspired many young Aboriginal people from disadvantaged backgrounds. His ability to motivate and encourage others is a testament to his commitment to creating positive experiences and empowering Indigenous Australians.

In the corporate world, Josh's expertise spans various sectors, including Construction, Health Care, and Human Resources, where he provides consultancy on Indigenous and Social Inclusion Advisory. His keynote speeches cover a wide range of topics, focusing on adversity, leadership, and the importance of education, all grounded in his personal journey.

Additionally, Josh is recognized as one of the country's finest didgeridoo players, frequently performing at corporate conferences, government events, and community ceremonies. Through his music and his words, Josh continues to inspire and lead by example, making a lasting impact on communities across Australia.

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