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Dr. Pawliw-Fry trained at Harvard Medical School's Mind Body Medical Institute and the Stress Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre. He provides keynotes across North America to sales organisations, executive education programs, management retreats, annual general meetings, coaching clinics and motivational seminars.
Dr. Pawliw-Fry uses cutting edge research and inspiring personal stories that come from the world of Olympic sport about emotional intelligence and high performance.

Specific keynote topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence: The Powerful Lever of High Performance - Scientific research shows it is EQ, not IQ alone that creates sound decision-making, dynamic and profitable organisations, as well as satisfying and successful lives. Learn how EQ can increase both organisational and personal effectiveness.

  • The Power of Purpose: Finding Your Unique Ability - Clarifying your purpose and vision to discover your unique ability and what it is you love to do.

  • Managing Setbacks: The Key to Exploding Sales - Supercharge your sales force through this dynamic keynote! Learn how the secret of high producers lies in their ability to handle setbacks.

  • Managing Emotions: The Key to Building the High Performance Team - Teams with high levels of EQ consistently outperform those with strong IQ. Why? To a large degree, it is a result of an ability to handle their emotions intelligently.

  • Getting to the Top and Living to Enjoy it! - Too often in our drive for success, we sacrifice health, happiness and personal relationships along the way. Learn about the qualities essential for professional success and strategies that allow you to live to enjoy your success.

  • EQ Coaching for Kids: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children (presented with Elizabeth Pawliw-Fry) - This keynote empowers parents, teachers, coaches and mentors to build emotional intelligence in children - to help them develop lifelong skills that will enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.


Dr Pawliw-Fry is clearly an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker on the increasingly important subject of emotional intelligence. JP's use of personal stories and humour made his presentation a very enjoyable learning experience. His presentation was filled with useful information that the audience could take home and incorporate into their lives
- Gregg Mitchell, Manager, Business Banking, Royal Bank

Dr Pawliw-Fry is impassioned and enthusiastic about the subject; [he] conveys a genuine sense of care and concern about eh participants and their well-being; [he does] a lovely job linking the physiological with the psychological through [his] model of stimulus and response
- Kenneth C. Bardach, Director of Executive Programs, ,Kellogg Graduate School of Management

Dr Pawliw-Fry is an energetic, engaging and entertaining speaker who draws on his wealth of practical experience and cutting edge research to coach, inform, and challenge his audiences. Through JP's participative approach, participants in his sessions gain a solid understanding of EQ, and the impact it has on their lives and their relationships with others. Most importantly, participants leave with self-generated strategies to help them improve their EQ performance. I would recommend his sessions for executive development programs most highly
- Julia Christensen Hughes, Director, Exectuive Educator, University of Guelph

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