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Meet Julie Cross CSP, one of the most inspiring keynote speakers in Australia. She combines powerful insights into human behaviour with practical strategies that leaves audiences with powerful tools for living their best life and setting a higher standard in all aspects of their existence.
Whether she’s presenting to five or 500, her message resonates on a deep level, enabling her presentations to have residual effect and lasting impact.
We have speakers that deliver the systems, the information, the knowledge, the statistics, the methodology and the bottom line, and that is great, we need that, however…
Julie takes it to the next step and connects the information in our heads with the inspiration in our hearts. Emotion creates motion and that is where the action happens. Delegate’s will takes action when they feel empowered to do so, and after experiencing Julie Cross, they are empowered to do so!

Julie Cross’ qualifications and expertise stems from an early start in the workforce and through gaining a diploma from the university of “real life”. Julie has taken responsibility for her own personal development while coping with personal and professional challenges, many of which she shares during her powerful and moving presentations.

Julie has 20 years speaking experience. Having kick-started her working life as a hairdresser in her teens, you know, that was back in the day when you just left school and got a job!

Julie’s strength has always been motivating and inspiring, whether that is inspiring people to do business with or inspiring a team to work with her…

After completing an apprenticeship in the hairdressing industry Julie quickly moved into management and leadership roles, and thanks to her gift for communicating and empowering others, into sales and training. It was in the capacity as trainer that she discovered her passion and natural talent for speaking. So with a dream in her head and a passion in her heart she started her own business, and as they say, “The rest is history!”

Speaking topics

Leadership / Inspirational Topics

1. The Inspirational and Entertaining ‘Show’
Julie’s ‘show’ format is perfect for any event opening or closing, or for a keynote address as it’s energising and inspiring! Delegates will be entertained by Julie’s sparkle and will be encouraged to make a shift in their thinking.

2. Women Making It Work
It’s no secret that while Julie appeals to both male and female audiences, she has a special ability to connect with women. This presentation / workshop has been created for female-dominated workplaces / team environments to empower women to individually honour themselves, respect themselves and love themselves.

3. Reconnection with Resilience and Responsibility
Julie Cross has brought resilience and responsibility back into fashion! She takes what can be a confronting message and delivers it in an inspirational and entertaining style, which has been proven to create internal shifts in audience members / delegates, and also create quantum shifts in team morale and productivity.

Business / Educational Topics

1.  Service with Attitude!
An inspiring and informative presentation or workshop for all people in the business of serving, whether that is serving within the organisation to other team members or serving externally to customers and clients.

2. Teaming up for Success
This presentation / workshop was designed for environments where teamwork is crucial to success.  The audience or group will be inspired by Julie’s message that we are lifted to success by those around us, whether that’s our team mate, our leaders, our clients or even our family.


Our audiences in 2018 through the Future of Leadership had the real pleasure of listening to Julie Cross share her story from stage. Julie’s story is an emotional one that will have you laughing and crying and sometimes your laughing that hard that you’re crying as well. She is a masterful storyteller who weaves into her messages valuable lessons for all of us who have to step up and lead which we all do at some point in time. I watched the audience as they hung on every word that Julie shared telling personal stories that many of us previously might not have felt were fit for public consumption. She breaks down barrier after barrier and that is why we can’t wait to work with her again in 2019 and beyond.
Peter Baines OAM Founder & Managing Director – Hands Group

We had the absolute pleasure of having Julie Cross speak twice during our recent overseas Blueprint Conference. She was such a delight to work with leading up to the event. She wow’d our clients and had them in stitches for most of the presentation (which is exactly what we were looking for). She is a very authentic speaker who engages the crowd right from the beginning and has their attention for the entire presentation. She also mixed and mingled with our clients and they all fell in love with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone hosting a conference/event that wants a stand out speaker – because that’s what Julie is. Thank you Julie, we look forward to working with you again.
Dale Beaumont CEO and Founder of Business Blueprint

Julie, even after a true wish-list of fabulous big name speakers over the Friday and Saturday, your presence on the platform on Sunday absolutely blew everyone away! Your energy, your truth, your connection, and your understanding of life, all combine to make the most amazing impact on everyone present. You are the first speaker mentioned when people call to thank me for our program. The sparkle that emanates from you is not about your sequins – you are pure magic!
Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP

Thank you for your presence at they Stylz Hair conference. I felt like you were in the room. Your message was inspiring, refreshing and genuine. I really enjoyed the underlying message of law of attraction. I laughed and I cried. It was definitely my favourite segment of the 2 day conference. Thank you.
Hayley – attendee

Julie Cross speaker

Speaker Video

Speaker Showreel

Speaker Showreel

Cliftons Elevate hybrid showcase - Resilience… Our super power!

Cliftons Elevate hybrid showcase - Resilience… Our super power!

Future of Leadership 2018

Future of Leadership 2018

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