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Julie Garland McLellan is one of a small number of women working at Board level in Australia. She provides audiences up to date insights on how the best directors really add value to their organisations. A former managing director of a listed multinational company and current non-executive director on a range of boards including listed, government sector and not-for-profit, Julie tells it like it really is and backs up everything she says with real life experience from boardrooms, audit committees and senior executive situations.

Julie's latest book  Dilemmas, Dilemmas is a collection of real life case studies for company directors. Each study requires directors to develop and use legal, theoretical and practical skill to select a course of action for successful resolution.

Julie is also the author of All Above Board: Great Governance for the Government Sector, a practical manual for directors and senior executives of government owned organisations. She develops and presents training materials for professional associations including The Australian Institute of Company Directors, Chartered Secretaries Australia, the Institute of Internal Auditors and is a popular conference speaker.

Here are Julie's current speaking topics:

Getting to the top
Julie is one of very few women to make a living in the boardroom. Hear her tell how she made it from the trenches (literally) as a junior engineer into the boardrooms of major international companies.

Going on Board
What does it take to be a company director, how can aspiring directors get noticed, when does education help and when does it hinder, how to balance conflicting demands on your time? Julie will leave her audience with a view from the top that is inspiring and motivating to aspiring audiences

Governance in the Government Sector
Julie is a professional company director. She has studied internationally and worked with some of the world's leading consultants on governance, but when she joined her first government sector board she was lost! Things are different in the government sector. Julie spent two years asking boardroom colleagues "what do you know now that you wish you had known before you joined a government board?" The answers provide audiences with engaging true stories about real people who lived and learned through their experiences. Julie helps boards and executives to discover the true reason for government ownership and to build powerful relationships with stakeholders so that political, societal and environmental goals get scored.  This presentation leaves everyone motivated and with some practical ideas to implement in their organisations.

Julie has spent most of her life building profitable and effective businesses. There are a few simple techniques that will allow every business to reach its potential. Honest and open communication about what is wanted, when it is wanted and how to get it is the only way to get agreement and alignment across the organisation. Julie will use real stories from organisations as diverse as BHP, Melbourne Water and the Cat Protection Society to show how any organisation can start a process of strategy development that will create a vibrant and successful business.  You will be left with a few simple steps that lead to great strategy, clear planning and excellent follow-through.

Strategic Risk
What do company directors and senior managers really worry about? Julie spent three years and asked 241 directors from government, commercial and not-for-profit business what could prevent their organisations from being successful. The answers are enlightening. Most risk management systems are managing the wrong risks! Julie will share with audiences the real risks that threaten our business success.

You can get There from Here
A motivational speech for women's  business or career groups about overcoming adversity to succeed

Digital Directorship
Digital technology is transforming business. What do directors need to know about the positive and negative impacts of new technology on their business models, board operations and personal effectiveness? This speech will look at how leading organisations are harnessing the power of mobile, internet and other technologies to build better businesses.


A wonderful presenter, who combines a formidable depth of corporate experience, and knowledge, with a sense of humour, Julie makes her subject matter easy to understand. I was most impressed with her advice. Her skills are invaluable. I highly recommend her services.
- National Speakers Association of Australia, NSW Chapter

Julie's presentation was voted the best in the conference.
- Australian Institute of Geophysicists

A sample of comments made by the participants in the conference that was the most valuable aspect of the module for you included Coherent, Clear, Consistent, Enthusiastic, positive presenter pressing audience enjoyment, Practical anecdotes by the presenter to clarify the actual results impacting on theory, Great personal and practical insights gleaned from "real world" experience. Very good (excellent facilitator) very impressive.
- Australian Institute of Company Directors

I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation today on 'Establishing a Portfolio Career: how to secure board positions'. You engaged our large audience with great content, good delivery and wonderful, rich and relevant boardroom stories.
- CPA Australia

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