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Julie Masters has spent a career decoding influence. Founder of ODE Management, the world’s largest dedicated speaker management agency with offices across the USA and Australia. She is now the founder and CEO of Influence Nation, working with organisations and business leaders to tell epic stories – and become the voice of authority in their space.

Over a 20 year history as a leading authority in the speaking world, she earned a reputation for launching and advising some of the worlds most respected thought leaders. Clients include industry leading CEO’s, speakers, best-selling authors and media personalities – the voices of which have reached millions of people globally through speaking, publishing and digital channels.

Having won numerous communications industry awards across the USA, Australia and Europe, Julie now regularly advises CEO’s, entrepreneurs and executive teams on how to dominate their marketplace by turning their expertise into influence.

Speaking topics

The New Age Of Influence

We are living in radically new times. The global and economic landscape is ever shifting, add to that a sudden leap into the digital deep end - and the rules of influence have again been completely rewritten.

In this highly interactive presentation, Julie translates what it now takes to stand out as a voice of authority in your field. Why having the most experience or information is no longer enough, how to build your position as a recognised expert and the keys to influence a digital age. In this presentation attendees learn:

  • How to identify their unique expert space
  • How to translate what they know in order to stand out
  • The new rules of epic storytelling
  • How to stop waiting for confidence and focus on certainty instead


In a new digital world, we all need to become epic storytellers. As our attention spans continue to drop and our screen time increases, the ability to captivate is now the number one tool of influence.

In this high energy presentation, Julie dives deep into the world of epic storytelling. Including how Netflix has rewritten the rules of engagement, why energy is the key to action and what we can learn from the new breed of digital storytellers. In this presentation attendees learn:

  • How to use storytelling to immediately create action
  • The three rules of epic storytelling
  • How to present your ideas and expertise with impact
  • Why passion beats perfection every time

Rapid Authority

There is no better time than now to rapidly build your authority. A new digital age means we can build high value networks, drive conversations, ignite action and accelerate our influence as an expert in our space.

In this highly practical presentation, Julie provides the tools to position, communicate and amplify your expertise – in order to stand out amongst the noise. Including how to quickly become fluent in the language and questions of your target market. In this presentation attendees learn:

  • How to build a reputation as a micro authority
  • The three keys to rapidly accelerating your digital network
  • How to use collaboration to expand your reach
  • How to finally beat Imposter Syndrome


Julie understands brands and messaging better than anybody I've ever met. She's insightful, pragmatic and inspires action. The confidence and clarity I've gained from working with her has been invaluable.
Founder Hardhat Digital

Julie’s presentation triggered immediate activity. It made a huge impact.

The session was both practical and inspiring. Julie managed to strike that magic balance - delivering valuable content, in an engaging way, with real tools to implement. She was key in making our event a great success.

Julie’s clear and relevant message of influence and engaging presentation style left our audience captivated and furiously taking notes. The tools and insights she offered have been key as they embark on becoming modern world influencers in their own right. An absolute asset for any audience lucky enough to hear her speak .

The feedback has been overwhelming. Your ability to make the content relevant to everyone despite the group varying in experience from zero to 30 years was outstanding. The message and tools you provided were clear, easy to implement and absolutely pivotal to today’s marketplace.
Ray White

Julie leaves no stone un-turned to ensure that she delivers on the mission of the organisation. She has a unique ability to connect with a diverse audience on a variety of different levels, ranking her as one of most highly rated speakers at the DSA conference.
Direct Selling Australia

As a speaker she is dynamic, engaging and a true professional. As a coach, Julie is a game-changer at turning experts into influential thought leaders.

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Sizzle Reel

Sizzle Reel

What makes an influencer (masterclass)

What makes an influencer (masterclass)

How to Stand Out in a Radical New Age

How to Stand Out in a Radical New Age

Epic Storytelling

Epic Storytelling

The Art of Certainty

The Art of Certainty

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