What workforce or people challenge is your organisation facing right now?  Chances are Julie Piantadosi has been there before.  A successful entrepreneur and business woman of influence Julie is a rare and clear voice in the corporate world.   Julie believes in practical solutions for people and their businessesJulie is an extraordinary motivator with business experience who delivers practical advice with impact.  If you want you audience to sit up and take notice, change, action and bottom line results she can help.

Julie is a no nonsense modern-day women, who's raw and uncensored approach to business coaching has transformed hair & beauty salons the world over. Her vast wealth of business knowledge and experience, combined with her highly contagious positive spirit, make her a powerful and effective business and life coach.

A member of the National Speakers Association of Australia, Julie is twice nominated for Telstra's Business Woman Of The Year and Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist. A qualified hairdresser and beauty therapist she opened her first salon at the age of 17 and is no stranger to hard work, long days/nights and the unrelenting highs and lows of being a business owner. From humble beginnings, Julie's business portfolio today comprises of a highly profitable chain of hair & beauty salons, an organic produce farm, numerous property developments and a successful international business-coaching career.

Her exhilarating business seminars explore the steps necessary to achieve and maintain success, no matter what your beginnings. Highlighting what it really takes to make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary and create a business and life exceeds your wildest dreams.

   A variety of clients such as Kenneth Cole New York and Absolute Financial Business Services have looked to Julie to speak to their teams.  Her presentations encompass relevant topics such as; self and organisational leadership, engagement, sales, team building, balance, change, communication, procedures, systems and strategy.  As a motivational speaker Julie is also available to speak about her personal experience in New York during 9/11.

Julie combines her wealth of business knowledge and life experience with a highly contagious positive spirit.  When connecting with audiences she brings her full self, motivating people with a mix of personal and business stories partnered with practical tips and plans.  On stage Julie delivers a high energy and dynamic keynote with substance.   Her strength lies in shifting mindsets, showing people the tools to improve and then helping them to formulate strategies.  If you are looking for your people to receive a clear call to action Julie relishes the toughest of audiences.  Never one to shy away from any challenge Julie is relevant for all levels of business, owners, leaders, managers and teams.

Declared missing 9/11

On her way to Tower 2 on the morning of  9/11 Julie Piantadosi was only minutes away from a very different fate.  The images of 9/11 are etched in both the history books and in our minds.  We will never forget seeing thousands of survivors fleeing the Twin Towers covered in dust.  Julie was one of those survivors, only for 33 hours long hours her family and loved ones didn't know it.  There are times in our life that give us perspective and greater purpose.  For Julie, and many others that day, 9/11 was this moment in time.  This is a keynote for any audience who need to be inspired to look at their daily choices and attitudes.  Julie is raw and honest in this keynote as she shares her personal story and lessons learned as a result.  She speaks authentically about her experience and the journey of rebuilding her life after 9/11.  Julie connects with her audience helping them to find the links in her story to their own lives.  She helps people find purpose, shifts their mindset and behaviours as a result.  This is a powerful presentation with relevance for a wide range of audiences.

Spinning Plates

Do you feel like you are constantly spinning plates?  Trying to keep tasks, roles and people in perpetual motion so they don't come crashing down? Wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, friend, lover, leader, top sales performer, team player, manager, mentor - the list goes on!  This is a fun and energetic, laugh a minute session with impact.   As a successful entrepreneur, business owner, leader, manager with a zest for life Julie helps the audience navigate their way through the juggling act of life today.   From effective visualisation to fool proof planning Julie shows audiences how to keep everything spinning by providing practical tips they will be inspired to implement immediately.

Leadership Mastery

As a successful business woman, entrepreneur and leader Julie understand what it takes to inspire others to follow her lead. This is an interactive workshop that will challenge audiences to examine their current leadership skills and inspire them to an improved level.  Julie shares techniques and ideas applicable for teams of any size.  This keynote is relevant for any leadership or management team who wants to examine how to become a world class leader.  Showing people how to facilitate engagement and success within their own team as a direct result of their leadership.

It really IS all about you 

We have all read the appalling statistics about the level of engagement in our workplaces and the real cost to business. This keynote is for any organisation, leaders, managers or team seeking a higher level of engagement and personal responsibility.  Julie helps people examine and understand the power of their own mindset, the choices they make and their consequences.  Audiences will leave feeling empowered to 'show up' with an attitude of positivity and collaboration.  It will open the dialogue for teams and companies so they can unite and take action on an individual and team level.

Happy work = Happy home = Happy work = Happy home

As intelligent people we understand that if we are not happy at work or home this impacts on relationships and performance.  It's not a difficult concept to grasp, it is the putting it into practise solutions that represents the challenge! This keynote and workshop is useful for any individual or team who wants an insight into how to break unproductive habits and cycles that do not serve us.  Julie's unique experiences and her philosophy around the correlation between your work and personal persona are refreshing.  Julie helps audiences stop complaining and to get off the hamster wheel of bad habits.  This is a high energy presentation with solid tips and strategies for work and life.


Motivating accountants is often extremely difficult, however that was until we hired Julie Piantadosi. She was amazing and I couldn't believe how well she related to my staff. She was really inspiring and left us all feeling really moved and passionate about our industry. Looking forward to working with her again.
- Managing Director, Absolute Financial Management Services

Julie presented many times around the country to our key account clients. She is undoubtedly a real business driver. She is considered our business partner!
- Director, P&G professional A & NZ

Julie delivered a honest, real and entertaining message. It is easy to understand why businesses can grow from being part of an event like this.
- Sales & Marketing, Tigi Australia and new Zealand.

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