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What workforce or people challenge is your organisation facing right now?

Chances are Julie Piantadosi has been there before. A successful entrepreneur and business woman of influence Julie is a rare and clear voice in the corporate world. Julie believes in practical solutions for people and their businesses. Julie is an extraordinary motivator with business experience who delivers practical advice with impact. If you want your audience to sit up and take notice, change, action and bottom line results she can help.

Julie is a no nonsense modern-day woman, whose raw and uncensored approach to business coaching has transformed leaders all over the world. Her vast wealth of business knowledge and experience, combined with her highly contagious positive spirit, make her a powerful and effective business and life coach.

Her exhilarating business seminars explore the steps necessary to achieve and maintain success, no matter what your beginnings. Highlighting what it really takes to make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary and create a business and life that exceeds your wildest dreams.

One of Australia's most sought after speakers and presenters, Julie has presented in over 22 countries and trained over 500,000 leaders around the world. She empowers individuals to truly live a life excellence, removing their own limiting beliefs so they can do, be or have anything they desire, standing in their own circle of excellence.

On stage Julie delivers a high energy and dynamic keynote with substance. Her strength lies in shifting mindsets, showing people the tools to improve and then helping them to formulate strategies. If you are looking for your people to receive a clear call to action Julie relishes the toughest of audiences. Her workshops are simply life-changing.

Never one to shy away from a challenge Julie is relevant for all levels of business, corporate leaders, managers and their teams.

Speaking topics

Zero Limits - LEADERSHIP

The Ultimate Leadership Program.

This "hands-on" workshop is guaranteed to permanently transform the way you lead those around you. You will uncover powerful and proven cutting-edge techniques for achieving ongoing success through effective leadership. This masterclass can be delivered over three separate trainings or as a complete Masterclass.

Zero Limits- MINDSET

Fixed versus growth mindset. A fixed mindset is the belief that your intelligence and skills are innate (you are born with them) and incapable of changing. With a growth mindset, one believes that talents can be developed with practice and effort. This workshop unpacks the benefits of a growth mindset allowing attendees to walk away with an increased self-esteem, better resilience, willingness to learn new skills, accept new challenges, and keep progressing despite mistakes.


Learn brand-new communication skills, using your own body language and voice to effectively influence those around you for more desirable outcomes. When you become aware and change your body language, and learn key communication, you will learn skills to deal with difficult people, and difficult situations and master any conflict effectively and easily.

Zero Limits - EXCELLENCE

In this powerful workshop, you will discover new strategies to help you overcome any challenge that presents itself both in your personal life and in your career. While we can't change the things that are happening around us, we definitely have the power to choose how we respond to those things. Discover powerful insights to help you better understand what it takes to shift from being externally focused to becoming internally focused, taking back control so that you can stand in your own circle of excellence anytime, anywhere so you can achieve any goal with ease.


Your Energy is everything!

Unleash your co-creation superpowers by partnering with the universe. You will become able to choose your reality and create it with intention and purpose. Learn and explore what it really takes to work together as a united team, sharing a common purpose and goal. Reprogram the way you show up to your own life and create the best work environment ever.

Zero Limits - SALES

What defines a world-class sales team? What distinguishes excellent service from an award-winning customer experience? In this business-boosting boot camp, Julie reveals the key communication and interpersonal relations secret possessed only by the world's top 5% sales professionals. Straight forward easily learnt techniques and strategies for personal interaction with clients and team members that dramatically boost your company's bottom line, and increase staff productivity while creating the most amazing team culture ever.

Zero Limits - MONEY

In the session, you will be empowered to get real about your bottom line. Attendees will leave this session with newfound knowledge, tools and know-how to look at their sales from a pure dollar perspective. This dynamic session includes brand-new up-to-date benchmark standards that once implemented in your business will dramatically increase profit.


Creating the life/workplace that you desire. No more excuses.

This action-packed workshop unleashes unlimited potential for attendees to apply accelerated manifestation into their daily tasks and challenges, anytime they desire. Changing thoughts and beliefs, removing the blocks and stepping into their highest power. This workshop demonstrates how our thoughts become our outcomes. And when we learn the skill of changing our thoughts, we can create any outcome we desire.


A high energy powerful workshop, leaving the attendees empowered and transformed.

Do you struggle with motivation and purpose? Do you get overwhelmed, trying to take care of everyone around you, often putting yourself last? Would you like a more balanced work/life? Do you have self-limiting beliefs that can get on your own way of success and happiness?

If this sounds like YOU then this is the workshop for you. Discover tools to be the very best version of yourself. Recognising that one person has the ability to do anything. In this powerful workshop, Julie willshare how you can use your own superpowers, removing all the blocks so you can HAVE, DO or BE anything you want!


Your customers/clients will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel. In this powerful workshop, attendees will learn cutting-edge customer service experience techniques and communication that will transform the customers/clients journey while creating raving fans.


Julie has left footprints in the lives of our leaders and front-line staff. She’s one of the most authentic presenters we’ve had. Truly life changing.
Lyell Stambri, Qantas CEO Domestic (former)

We would like thank you sincerely for your enthusiastic engagement with our leadership. Julie is engaging, empowering and real!
Our leaders absolutely loved your training!
Tony Taylor – Operations Manager, AP EAGERS Australia Automotive Retail Group

Morale was very low after massive organisational restructure and Julie came in to run some workshops. Her positive energy as well as using her own experiences makes her so relatable. Everyone leaves her sessions with something valuable that they can apply to home or work life to improve themselves and become more fulfilled. Her strategies and easy to apply are long lasting. Her support for women, is extraordinary.
Doctor Tina Bianco, Adelaide University Senior Lecturer

We had Total Coaching Academy come and train our leaders and teams. The information and trainings are both uplifting, informative and the learnings are easily applied to our day-to-day operations. Highly recommended!
Rose–Anne Sciangalepore, Freedom Furniture

Julie has been instrumental in the Doctor and staff training. Her training sessions are truly the best as she motivates, inspires and empowers staff through communication and coaches employees and leaders to be accountable for their performances in their role on the business of success. I highly recommend her in- house training, her one on one mentoring and all of the resources. We can’t get enough of Julie Piantadosi she is amazing!
CEO Doctor Anh, Plastic Surgeon

Julie delivered her leadership training to our senior sales teams and to say that she had an impact would be an understatement.
Our goal was for inspired change for our people in both their personal and professional lives and to give them some real tools to help them move towards their best selves.
We are all raving fans of Julie and we are very much now aligned in our mission.
Julie makes a real connection with all the room and she has given us a great foundation to build on in our future sessions with her. She really is the best of the best.
Matt Kadow, General Sales Manager

Julie is a highly skilled, inspirational, motivating presenter and facilitator, who always brings her 100% and pushes us to really look at our leadership skills, at our own experiences and events around us to grow and be stronger and wiser leaders, not just for our teams, but also for the wider ambulance community.
I know first-hand the impact she has on people's mindset and careers.
Mojca Bizjak-Mikic, General Manager
The Council of Ambulance Authorities Inc.

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