Justice Crew

Dance troupe Justice Crew kicked and hoped their way to victory in the final of Australia's Got Talent. The group of nine self taught dancers received a standing ovation as they were announced the season's winners.

The crew do dance lessons all over Sydney. Connecting with young people as positive role models is what the boys are about. They use dance as a vehicle for positive change. They also run Dance camps and have been working with many communities for 5 years.

These are the best dancers from all over Australia under guidance of Maurice June, an experienced Choreographer, Mentor, Dancer and Teacher. Maurice hand-picked this elite team which consists of 10 young men including Emmanuel Rodriguez from So You Think You Can Dance. Most of the team have danced internationally and professionally for many years. They all teach dance and cover Krumping, B-Boy, Hip Hop and Breaking.

This is the beginning of something special. Justice have recently danced at The Pussycat Dolls VIP party, Potbelleez parties, MAYDAY Charity Function and many others. Justice are leading the way and developing a new sub-culture.

Justice are representing Australia at the up-coming World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas in August, and are looking to take out the number one position! Justice are currently looking at sponsorship deals to make this dream a reality.

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