Kate Carruthers

Kate Carruthers has extensive experience in delivery of corporate IT, web and e-commerce solutions for organisations such as AMP, GE and Westfield. She is deeply involved with social media and web 2.0 on both business and personal levels. Over the past few years Kate has worked with marketing teams to deliver integrated digital marketing strategies. Her focus is online collaboration, social media, digital integration, and marketing.

Kate has completed postgraduate studies in management, marketing and e-commerce. She also has a strong back ground in 6 Sigma, process improvement and enterprise application development.

In addition to consulting, Kate has also worked with Leadership Management Australasia to deliver business management training (Diploma of Business and Certificate IV in Business) and coaching to clients including NSW Department of Commerce and Office of Fair Trading. Previously she lectured at Macquarie University in the Graduate Accounting Program.

Consulting assignments have included technology advice in a trademark dispute for a software games manufacturer, and web strategy and marketing for various enterprise and e-business clients.

She has worked in senior executive roles with a broad range of organizations including - Westfield Ltd, NSW State Treasury, General Electric, AMP Limited, Citibank, and the National Trust of Australia.

Kate was a longstanding member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and is a Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).


Enterprise 2.0 In Practice - effectively employing social media as a communication tool. Most organisations understand the necessity of improving their communication with their people and customers. So rather than seeing Facebook as a time waster, smart enterprises are embracing web 2.0 to leverage the benefits, and time will show that early adopters will out-smart their competitors.

Using web 2.0 technologies to assist internal communication - the challenges, risks and benefits.

Web 2.0 in practice: effectively employing social media as a communication tool
- Understanding the impact of Web 2.0 on group communication
- Persuading management to have confidence about the use of new media
- Managing the risks associated with Web 2.0 and user-generated Content
- Outlining practical examples of how a company can enhance internal communication through user-generated content
- Digital Marketing and Strategic Foundations

Changing nature of consumer media consumption
- Creating an ecosystem that supports your brand
- Synthesising different media
- What is the future of technology? Technology is changing fast. Six months ago we thought twitter related to a bird but now is the latest social media platform. So what is around the corner? How can businesses keep up to date with the latest? Kate is a technology forecaster. She knows what is around the corner by actively in monitoring and tracking developments in web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, social media, and online collaboration.

Digital Strategy - How to take a business strategy and turn it into an online/digital business strategy.

Social Media - What is social media? Why are people interested in social media? How can people use and manage social media? From an enterprise perspective, how can people monetise social media?

Online Collaboration - How people can work on specific projects together and collaborate online. How has collaboration come about? What technologies can organisations use to effectively collaborate?

How to Build a Blogging Network - Why is blogging important for business? Who can you implement a blogging strategy and build a network? What are some cultural norms of blogging?

Westfield Fashion Facilitation: In Centre and Online - A case study on the extremely successful interactive and experiential digital marketing techniques, integrated marketing campaign for Westfield.

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