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Katrina McCarter is the founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums. She is a marketing strategist who specialises in understanding mothers as a powerful market sector, through experience and research.

She holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Masters of Business Administration (International Business) and has more than fifteen years sales and marketing experience working across diverse industries including grocery, hardware and online.

Seven years ago after the birth of her three children she launched Bubbler.com.au, an award-winning shopping website for mums which she grew to a community of more than 150,000 mums before selling in late 2016. Katrina is the author of the best-selling business book, Marketing to Mums : How to sell more to Australia’s most powerful consumer.

My Mission

I passionately believe there is a new way to communicate and sell to mums. Mums are responsible for $132 billion spending every year* in Australia yet 63% of Australian mums believe that advertisers don’t understand them. There is a massive opportunity for businesses who get this right. I help businesses improve their sales amongst this powerful consumer segment.


In 2018 Katrina has seven presentations and one workshop. Her signature presentation (below) was recently voted #1 for ‘Most Valuable Content’ and Katrina was voted #1 ‘Most Engaging Speaker’ at the Mums Marketing conference in both Sydney and Melbourne. Katrina is able to create bespoke content for your business, event or conference on request.


Mums are the powerhouse of the Australian economy and they’re responsible for more than 80% of consumer spending.

How well do you know them?

Drawing on the latest research from Marketing to Mums, highly respected industry expert and best-selling author, Katrina McCarter, will help you navigate through the potential pitfalls of selling your products and services to mums. Katrina offers practical solutions for marketers to differentiate your message to successfully engage with Mums. You’ll gain an important commercial advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace by developing a deeper understanding of what Australian Mums want from brands.

This presentation is perfect for Business Owners, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Digital Managers, Social Media Managers, Media and Communications Managers and Customer Insights Teams.


Whether it’s the family vacation, a weekend escape with girlfriends or a business trip, mums hold the decision-making power in one of the world’s fastest growing and largest sectors. Travel and tourism accounts for 10% of global GDP. Using extensive research and expert analysis, marketing strategist Katrina offers practical tips for travel marketers. These tips allow marketers to cut through the noise and understand what motivates a mum who is trying to make a travel decision. Learn how to gain a commercial advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace by using Katrina’s tools to maximise the effect of authentic

storytelling, reviews and user-generated content. This is essential information for travel marketers worldwide; some of the results are surprising.

This travel presentation was delivered at M2Moms conference in New York and BIG4 Holiday Parks in Brisbane. It is perfect for Travel Marketers, Tourism Operators, Airline and Accommodation providers, OTAs, Travel Publishers, Destination and Attraction Marketers.


Research claims that if Mums were an industry they would be our largest contributor to GDP in Australia, however, there are key segments that are being overlooked. In this presentation, Katrina shares with you the four biggest opportunities in the Mum market – Single Mums, Invisible Mums, Immigrant Mums and Kids (yes kids). She’ll show you how your brand can drive growth and opportunity by tapping into these neglected sub-segments of Mothers. This presentation is perfect for Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Digital Managers, Social Media Managers, Media and Communications Managers and Customer Insights Teams.


Want to drive growth and profit within your business? Surprise and Delight could be the answer. In this presentation, Katrina reveals how Mums are rewarding, at the cash register, those brands who go the extra mile to deliver a surprisingly delightful customer experience. Using many successful examples Katrina will demonstrate how brands are using Surprise & Delight as a strategy to cut through the clutter and drive emotional connections, loyalty and increase sales. This is an excellent industry conference presentation suitable for Customer Experience and Marketing teams.


63% of Australian Mums believe advertisers don’t understand them. In this presentation, Katrina will help you navigate the pitfalls of selling your products and services to mums. Sharing her latest research, from a survey of more than 1,800 Australian Mums, Katrina identifies the key mistakes most businesses make; so that you can avoid them. Be guided by Katrina, Australia’s Mum expert and safeguard your sales and profitability. Learn more about how to attract mums to your business and turn them into your biggest supporters. This is Katrina’s signature presentation and is popular with both small and big businesses alike. It works well for all industry sectors and is suitable for a wide range of audiences. This is her most adaptable presentation.


Gen Z have the shortest attention span of any generation, but what does this mean for your brand? In this presentation, Katrina will help you understand why using standard marketing strategies will not excite this tech reliant Mum segment. Drawing on recent research and her own Mum expertise, Katrina will bring you up to speed with all you need to know about this agile and adaptive emerging generation of mothers who are redefining parenthood as we know it. This presentation is suitable for large brand conferences and corporate events. It is perfect for Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Digital Managers, Social Media Managers, PR Managers, Sales Managers and Customer Insights and Innovation Teams.


Mums hold the overall purchasing power in the majority of households around the country. They are the primary decision makers when it comes to houses, cars, holidays, healthcare and food. In this presentation, Katrina shares key trends and uses the latest research to identify 10 low-cost ways to sell more effectively and successfully to Mums. She’ll show you that you don’t need a big marketing budget to achieve sales success. This presentation is perfect for small and medium business owners, Women in Business conferences and start-up events. This would also be a suitable training event across a broad range of industries including banking, travel, automotive, real estate and healthcare.


“It’s been an absolute privilege to work with Katrina who is an expert in her field. Katrina presented at our annual Franchising Conference where she educated, inspired and supported all Franchisees with her 8 Steps program. Katrina’s warm, approachable style makes her relatable and someone I would highly recommend.”
- Playball Kids Sport Australia

“Katrina McCarter is one of the leading Australian authorities on marketing to mums. She is the first person to really back her strategies and suggestions with in-depth research.
- Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Author

“I had the pleasure on programming Katrina into the content for ad:tech Sydney and I am really pleased I did. Her delivery was polished and insightful. In a world where technology is personalising everything around us, it is important that marketers think about different segments deeply and clearly and if you are marketing to Mums, Katrina is your lady. I recommend her to anyone who needs to make meaningful connections to Mums.”
- Content Director, ad:tech Sydney

“Katrina ROCKED our stage. In less than 5 minutes she had 350 people in rapturous applause! What more could I ask for?”
- Dent Global

“Katrina McCarter was an obvious choice to have as a speaker at the What’s On 4 Kids Conference. Katrina’s first-hand knowledge and expertise in the area of marketing and branding was of great value to our audience of 80 business owners in the kids’ activity and party industry. Katrina was a confident speaker who presented the topic of “Marketing to Mums” in a way that was informative and filled with achievable take away messages that the business owners could implement instantly. Katrina’s insightful reflection on the mother consumer market in an increasing customer focused marketplace was current and innovative and I’d highly recommend Katrina as a speaker.”
- Owner, What’s On 4 Kids

“It was such a pleasure to feature Australia’s Mum Expert on the 2017 M2Moms stage. Great presentation on travel. Please come back next year!!”
- M2Moms Conference

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