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Industries across the globe turn to Keith Abraham for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to not only set goals— but how to achieve them—to bring out the best in their people, their leaders and their business.

Keith Abraham is the global authority on goal achievement and the creator of the GoalDriverTM Formula. A formula designed to accurately determine what energises and engages each individual, driving them to achieve the unimaginable, unreachable and unattainable.

With over 23 years as a professional speaker, delivering to over 387 clients in 30different countries, Keith Abraham has been the recipient of multiple awards throughout his career. In 1999, Keith became a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), putting him in the top 7% of professional speakers worldwide. He has experienced great success in Australia and in 2002 he received the highest award given to a Professional Speaker—the Nevin Award. In 2012 he was named Keynote Speaker of the Year and in 2019 he was then named Educator of the Year. Adding to his already impressive CV, Keith is the best-selling author of five books, published in 12 languages, covering the areas of passion, goal achievement, customer loyalty and focus. As a regular contributor to publications and a frequent guest on business media and podcasts, Keith’s expertise and authority on the subjects of goal setting, goal achievement, goal centric-cultures and goal alignment is recognised globally. Keith is passionate about the work he does.

Keith has learnt through his career of being on stages worldwide, that to have the biggest impact on conference attendees, it is so much more than just turning up and presenting. Keith embodies his work and has become the real life, living example. Delivering an exceptional learning experience and inspirational presentation, attendees want to implement the ideas and insights immediately into their life and business role.

Keith creates a seamless experience from the moment you book him, to the professional preparation time he takes getting to understand your business—all leading to attendees who are more engaged in a highly interactive and industry-relevant presentation. Keith leaves the audiences with resources to put what they have learnt into practice. Adding value to the learning experience for your people is Keith’s number-one priority. That’s why you’ll see that your standard conference investment includes so much more.

Speaking topics

Conquering what's next, what's new and what's necessary

How would you feel if you were ahead of the curve, not just waiting to catch up but had moved forward, move up and moved beyond what you had ever thought possible?

This is the art of mastering:

  • What’s next
  • what’s new
  • what’s necessary

Once you know what drives you to go beyond your comfort zone, you can move from being successful in your industry, business or life to becoming truly significant. All too often business leaders reach a level of success without truly becoming significant because over time they stop evolving. When you are just surviving and being challenged by circumstances beyond your control, you lose momentum!

The most effective way to create momentum is to let go of the memories of the ‘good old days’ and create a new vision for the future. For over 24 years Keith Abraham has shared with 1.6 million people in over 33 countries his life’s research, stimulating participants to achieve their personal goals and professional goals, to realise their best potential.

In his insightful presentations, Keith will show your leaders how to move from being the best, to becoming the greatest! Your leaders will become compelled and committed to moving up a level by getting out of their comfort zone as they stop and think about what’s important and what matters for them to achieve massive momentum. As Keith shares his four-part formula, your people will become clear, determined and focused on the right goals to achieve in the next 12 months. They will have the tools to achieve what seems like the impossible.

Every business leader, business owner, sales professional or customer service champion needs to master three areas in their career, business and life:

  • Self-Leadership
  • Business Leadership
  • Marketplace Leadership

Mastering these areas enables you to move forward, move above and move beyond what you thought was truly possible. Take a moment to explore what Keith can bring to your people, your leaders and your business.

Creating energised engaged people

What’s Next: How to reconnect and refocus your people on what’s important now for them to do.

Designed for:

  • Team Members
  • Business Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Franchisees
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Leaders
  • Service Professionals
  • Sales Executives

Reset. Review. Respond.

Reset – Identify the most important goal for the next 30 days in your business in order to align your business role to the New Normal.

Review – Understand the power of the right mindset to ensure your mental wellbeing and personal wellness in order to remain strong, focused and empowered.

Respond – Simple strategies to rebound faster, better and stronger in your business role after the crisis has passed.

Developing high-performance leaders

What’s New: How leaders can accelerate their accomplishments in a new business world.

Designed for:

  • Business Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Franchisees
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Leaders
  • Service Managers

Evolving. Engaging. Expanding.

Evolve – In changing challenging times it is critical that as a Leader you are one step ahead of developing your talent and knowledge to keep ahead of the curve.

Engage – How to create a strong connection with your Team that maintains to hold a high level of engagement, enthusiasm and energy as they work remotely from you.

Expand – We will look beyond the challenges and identify the opportunities that exist to expand your brand and profile in the hearts and minds of your customers world in which they live and work every day.

Generating massive business momentum

What’s Necessary: How to think differently in order to recover, recalibrate and rebound successfully

Designed for:

  • Business Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Leaders
  • Service Professionals
  • Sales Professionals

Pivot. Pipeline. Proactive.

Pivot – How to shift your thinking, become curious and explore the possibilities of doing your business vastly different than before to move ahead beyond the crisis.

Pipeline – We review the opportunities that exist in the short term, the medium term and long term in order to focus on profitable income streams for your business.

Proactive – Nothing happens until action is taken, so we will identify the high payoff

Growing your business successfully

Turning Dull Into Dynamic! ... How to Pitch, Present and Persuade People to Do Business With You Virtually

Designed for:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales Leaders

Activities you need to be taking right now to create sustainable business progress

Mastering your current virtual marketplace

Engage – Identify how to engage with your Clients and Prospects through your Virtual Platform in your business role as part of the Next Normal.

Lead – Understand that the ability to sell effectively virtual environment is your opportunity to create a unique and competitive point of difference.

Grow – Discover simple strategies to create massive sales momentum in your role and marketplace in order to rebound faster, better and stronger after the crisis


Keith has long been a firm favourite at our conferences, full of passion, tangible advice and inspiration. The online experience delivered had the same qualities, reaching more of our people across the UK & Ireland during early stages of the COVID-19 crisis. Great example of evolving the experience. Feedback from the online session was full of praise, as always.
PKF Regional Manager
UK and Ireland

It really seems like Keith is here to help us to get the right things done! Keith ran a "What Now…" webinar attended by over 100 of our members and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. He provided a 6 step Goal-Driver Blueprint to bring focus to what needed to be done and a structure to make it happen. He combines enthusiastic motivation with practical insights and lots of gems along the way.
Chief Executive Officer
ProVision Eyecare

Engaging, dynamic, relevant and a gift to those who connect with him in the virtual space, Keith reaches through the screen and creatively draws you into his content. If you and your team want to learn more, be more and do more in business, then I highly recommend that you spend time with Keith and gratefully receive his gold virtually – just as we have.
Executive Manager Sales
Australia and New Zealand

Keith recently spent some time with my leadership group and gave us some fantastic insight on how to adapt to a new work environment and build greater connections with our people in a virtual setting. His insights on running engaging and impactful meetings and presentations were really powerful and have already been put to good use across my teams.
Executive Manager
Business Direct and Small Business Leadership Team
National Australia Bank Limited

Amazing! We partnered with Keith to do a virtual 4-week leadership development series with over 200 of our Consultants and the feedback, engagement and productivity from our participants was outstanding! Keith’s warmth and wit came through over zoom and each week, we saw Keith take not only his content but his virtual presentation skills to a whole new level….we loved it!
Vice President, Australia
Rodan + Fields

Just a quick note to say thanks for hosting an amazing ZOOM session with our Franchise Owners and their staff. It couldn’t have come at a better time! Your key messages around having to reset our mindsets more towards 30 day goals has been incredibly well embraced within our group.
Managing Director

Keith is always an energised and engaging speaking even via zoom! This is my 4th engagement of Keith since 2013. The most recent, was perfectly timed around reset, review and refocus in this current world environment. It pushed me to stay focused and connect with every single client by 30th April and stretched me to conquer something different for my business during this time.
Director of Network Relationships
ProLoan Australia

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