Ken Hames is one of the UK's leading motivational speakers; he provides a fascinating insight into pressure, survival, teamwork and motivation. His main focus is on attitude, leadership and competence training. He is a real life action man who leads from the front; he is passionate about empowering people to transform their lives for the better. He has an impressive 25 year military career, which has enabled him to bring a unique slant to the many documentaries that he has created and presented for television. Ken is perhaps best known for creating and leading expeditions of disabled youngsters on the ground breaking Beyond Boundaries series. He motivates and inspires people into making life changing journeys and achieving the seemingly impossible against all odds. 

Ken's documentary, Northern Ireland: A Soldiers' Story is a moving and honest account of The Troubles told for the first time from the soldier's perspective.  The other series is called The Scots at War which saw Ken following the history of Scottish regiments culminating in The Black Watch in Afghanistan under fire during elections. Ken made the highly acclaimed documentary, Ex Forces and Homeless where he spent nights out on the streets talking to ex military personnel to hear their stories. Ken is now at the forefront of several charities aimed at helping ex servicemen and women adapt once more back to civilian life.

Ken has created and presented series like; Mission Africa, a 15 part series where he took a group of apprentice builders from the UK to Kenya to build the first eco lodge and game reserve protecting endangered species whilst handing over a sustainable business to the local community; Desert Darlings where Ken took couples across the Namib Desert, placing their sometimes fragile relationships under the extreme pressures of an expedition; and Jungle Janes, where Ken's challenge was to turn a group of British women, none of whom had any expedition experience, into a cohesive team fit enough to take on the gruelling jungles of Borneo, this journey an inspiration.

These documentaries have proved Ken's extraordinary ability to inspire and motivate even the most unlikely candidates. His unique skills enable him to take any rabble of individuals and finish with a winning, cohesive team, using sound leadership and thorough training are just some of the tools he uses. 

Ken is almost unique in having served in The Parachute Brigade, the Royal Marines and the Special Air Service. Ken's operational experience is vast, ranging from guarding Nazi war criminal Rudolph Hesse, in Spandau Prison to the liberation of Port Stanley in the Falklands. He is an expert in the great outdoors in all survival disciplines, an accomplished mountain guide and skier who represented Great Britain in cross-country skiing and is a keen amateur opera singer.



Thank you for your fantastic presentation. The feedback was excellent. People will not forget Lead, follow or get out of the way.
- Office of the Director IBM

Your speech was an inspiration to our audience. You have given IGF members a renewed sense of motivation and desire to succeed.
- Director of Global Financing IBM

Kens motivational style lifts peoples horizons. He was an absolute inspiration to our delegates.
- Lehman Brothers

Ken Hames is the master practitioner in the field of training and development. He has the unique ability to inspire other to seek personal transformation and high achievement.
- Diana, Princess of Wales

In his leadership master class Ken Hames gave my senior managers a renewed sense of purpose and direction. He is current, credible and inspirational and is particularly adept at getting results in a short timeframe. I continue to use him to keep my leaders at the cutting edge.
- CIO EMEA, Microsoft Corporation

Wherever Ken goes the atmosphere changes significantly. He is able to get results and does this with credibility as someone who is still out there 'doing it' so to speak. He has a unique understanding of the pressures facing business today and delivers solutions that will help managers do better.
- Jerry Hagan Director GlaxoSmithKline

I give Ken 10 out of 10 for everything from how the audience reacted to the content of his talk. He really met our expectations and at the end of the presentation there was an audible ‘wow’ factor – it really hit the spot. Our clients really appreciated his enthusiasm for their project and the willingness to stay behind and become involved on an informal basis.
- Chris Ball, Senior Partner, Penna PLC

Ken, Thank you so much for speaking at the Business Direct Forum, the feedback has been excellent. The Management team were really impressed and delighted. Your positioning was spot on and we were all grateful for the amount of time you took to understand our business and current challenges.
- Vodaphone HQ, Management Meeting

Thank you for the most brilliant talk - you hit exactly the right note and a very cynical audience was totally enthralled. They all found it very inspirational and motivational - and your messages about clarity and focus not obsession kept coming up throughout the rest of the day... a huge thank you.
- Vanda Rumney BBC Marketing, Communication & Audience Division

Ken inspired us all with his motivational conference programme and leadership master class. We are looking forward to the next phase in our business development programme.
- Simon Curry Director BT UK

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