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Kerri Pottharst is a true Australian sporting legend. With an illustrious career that includes three Olympic Games, a Gold and Bronze Olympic medal, and a spot in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame, Kerri is not just a sports icon but also a beacon of inspiration.

Kerri is renowned for her authentic and captivating speaking style. Whether it's a corporate conference, a luncheon, an after-dinner engagement, a motivational workshop, or serving as a Master of Ceremonies, she effortlessly translates her hard-earned skills of leadership, teamwork and communication into powerful messages that resonate with audiences across the corporate spectrum.

Over the past 15 years and 100's of presentations, top-tier companies like AMP, Westpac, Fuji Xerox, Elders, Foxtel, RIO Tinto, Nokia, and ACCOR have all benefited from Kerri's wisdom and charisma. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences is a testament to her warm, authentic, and relatable approach.

When Kerri takes the stage, audiences can expect to be inspired to set bigger goals, boost their self-confidence, and build resilience. She shares her incredible story packed full of practical strategies for achieving high performance in the ever-evolving world.

Drawing from her experiences as an elite athlete, commentator at the Olympic Games, and successful author, Kerri motivates her listeners to conquer their fears, overcome self-doubt, and break through barriers to success.

Kerri's story is one of constant reinvention, much like the corporate world itself. She understands the challenges of adapting to change and staying successful, making her insights invaluable in today's dynamic business landscape.

Those who attend Kerri's sessions leave with a renewed sense of purpose and the tools they need to achieve greatness.

In summary, Kerri is not just a sports hero; she's a dynamic speaker who empowers individuals and organizations to aim higher, embrace confidence, build resilience, and attain peak performance.

Overcoming Fear and Doubt

The single greatest obstacle to a team performing at their peak and beyond is a defeatist mental attitude. Change that thought pattern and the people representing your business will go from good to great. Kerri demonstrates, using examples from her international sporting career, how she and other great athletes have changed their outlook for spectacular results.

Pushing Your Limitations

Everybody sets limits for themselves, but how often do you question those limits? Why settle for average when you can have outstanding? Through her own experience and via her consultation to other elite sportspeople Kerri has learnt how to raise these limits, how to accept that we can all be champions and how to make that happen as a team.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting is definitely one of Kerri's strengths. Be inspired by her stories of setback, injury and defeat. Learn how she overcame them all to compete in 3 Olympic Games and win 2 Olympic Medals by setting goals. Discover how she turned her Bronze into Gold! Learn strategies and ways to ensure that your goals will be achieved. Throughout her 25 year athletic career, Kerri has excelled in breaking up the long road toward her dream of Gold, into small steps. She learnt that without setting goals in life, nothing will ever change. Stop the run of "bad luck" while you're waiting for "good luck" to come along. Design your own luck.

Corporate Team Building

The perfect Australian experience, especially for incentive groups or overseas delegates. In addition to keynotes, Kerri also facilitates Beach Volleyball team building workshops. During these sessions Kerri and her coaches take to the beach with delegates - teaching them the skills needed to play as a team in a fun and practical way. Nothing has been more important throughout Kerri's two decades of representing her country than teamwork. When teamwork breaks down in business the results are disastrous. Better communication, clear leadership, shared vision, support, flexibility and a solid game plan are all ingredients to make up the perfect team, and they're all traits Kerri and her team will drill into staff during a day full of fun and learning...

The Power of Personal Belief

In sport, in business and in personal life, so much relies on personal belief - that unshakeable confidence which all champions share. At the end of a session with Kerri, after the feared and revered walk across broken glass, staff will have a new vision of themselves. They will also have the tools with which to constantly update and fine tune their personal belief, giving them a new outlook on life and work.

Speaking topics

Don’t Just Think It, Ink It!

A practical workshop for goal setting (whether personal or business) designed to meet your current needs. The workshop is also filled with Kerri's personal stories and success strategies.

Fit for Business

Corporate Athlete Training A practical and eye-opening workshop designed to take your staff's health and wellness to the next level. Kerri covers Nutrition, Hydration, Movement, Recovery and Mindset in an easy to digest and fun atmosphere.

Gold Medal Excellence – The Mindset of a Champion

Kerri's premier keynote in which she decodes Human High Performance. Kerri shares her incredible journey and the exact strategies and secrets used for success. She aligns these tools perfectly to her audience... to their personal and professional lives.

Master of Ceremonies

Kerri is prepared, professional and flexible. Funny or formal, Kerri easily adapts her style. Brighten up your conference, lunch or dinner with one of Australia's most popular sporting personalities. Usually a male's domain, hosting functions, Kerri provides a breath of fresh air! See her medals, laugh about her Olympic antics and get the real answer to why those uniforms are so skimpy! Kerri's quick sense of humour and bright personality will have your guests asking for more!


I booked Kerri to speak at an event we held at the Sydney Opera House. She definitely stands out as one of the best speakers I've booked in the last 15 years. Kerri has such a great natural energy, her presentation style is flawless and she is completely engaging. She tells her inspiring story with such passion and enthusiasm, and conveys her message of strength and perseverance in such a way that you naturally apply it to your own life.
PRD Real Estate, National Events Manager

Kerri Pottharst speaker

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Speaker Showreel - Kerri Pottharst

Speaker Showreel - Kerri Pottharst

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