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Kevin is a thoroughly dynamic, entertaining and impactful speaker, trainer and presenter. Through a passionate approach to engage staff and create a culture for high performance, Kevin built the most successful outsourced sales and customer service business in Australia and NZ, SalesForce.

Kevin's, lifetime of experience, and strong personal convictions about stimulating work environments and empowering cultures, has resulted in SalesForce being voted 'Best Employer in Australia and New Zealand' in three consecutive Hewitt surveys.

In 2005 SalesForce was acquired by Salmat, an ASX 200 company, and Kevin was appointed SalesForce Chief Executive Officer. SalesForce provides more than 60 national and international companies, typically the leading brand in each market vertical, with selling and customer service solutions.

SalesForce contact centres provide these organisations transparent phone, SMS, fax, e-mail and on-line communication channels with their markets - along with a face-to-face selling resource now numbering more than 1,000 contractor sales specialists nationally.

Kevin's presentation entertains and inspires exploring:

  • Key ideas that drive SalesForce
  • Challenges that all businesses will recognise - particularly those with large customer-facing requirements,
  • The importance of achieving High Hewitt scores and why SalesForce has been on the Hewitt top 10 employers list for seven years in a row,
  • The commercial reality of the Hewitt Award.

Unquestionably one of the most informative segments of the presentation is when Kevin explains how SalesForce overcomes some of the key causes of 'workplace blues' including uniformity, oppression, isolation, uncertainty, boredom, monotony, caller hostility, rejection, career stagnation and work/life balance.

Presentation Synopsis - 'The 8 Enemies of Engagement'

Each day around the world companies invest millions on brand promises that create varying levels of customer expectation - 'Buy from us and the world is yours!' At the same time companies keen to attract first-rate employees are creating expectations about career opportunities within their enterprise; many career aspirants will find themselves in customer-facing roles, and in each moment in which customer and employee interact, expectations are shattered or satisfied.

Much of SalesForce's success over fourteen years, during which time call centre seats have grown from 20 to more than a combined 5,000 in Australia and New Zealand, is due to the continued focus by managers on the quality and outcome of each individual customer conversation, and the realisation that in each minute of conversation, commercial success hangs in the balance.

Obviously training and the provision of relevant knowledge is important in agent preparation - but how an agent feels also has significant bearing on whether customer expectations are met or not. The fragility of each customer interaction cannot be overstated and it is only in recent times that culture and staff engagement have been recognised as being as crucial to successful conversation outcomes as agent training and knowledge.

Today there is global focus on attrition - and on the contribution that high employee engagement makes to the vital task of retaining high quality people.

Over several years, in more than fifty major presentations, audiences have heard Kevin's message about the eight enemies of staff engagement - those factors that cause low engagement and poor performance.

Learn how SalesForce has identified these villains, how they have developed powerful defences against these enemies and the strategies SalesForce implements to defeat them.

Transforming Customer Experience

In the new world of doing business, companies no longer compete with one another to make sales - today, companies compete just for the opportunity. Millennial consumers - the incredible internet possibilities and new customer contact technologies - demand attention from CEOs committed to building their business. With boards and senior management distracted by the Global Economic Crisis, customer experience can shift out of focus.

Only those companies that recognise the immediate need to transform customer experience will bank future shareholder returns and marketshare growth.

Kevin explains the opportunities and the strategies that will link customer contact technology, employee engagement and high performance workplace outcomes to customer engagement and loyalty.



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