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 With a career spanning over 20 years, Kim Huckerby’s professional experience as a Social Worker, Educator, Mentor, and thought Leader, has helped influence and shape her work as a Speaker/Trainer in the mental health space. Kim’s passion and skill ensures that every time she steps onto the stage or engages with her audience online, people walk away feeling changed and inspired. She has worked with companies such as Mastercard, Thales Group, Ray White and imparting 20 years’ worth of knowledge and experience.

Kim’s ambitious goal is to foster change across the mental health and wellbeing space, ultimately resulting in a more inclusive and forward-thinking world in which every person is equipped with the skills and knowledge to assist those who may be struggling.

In a moment of serendipity, Kim was invited to undertake her Social Work placement at the Eating Disorders Foundation of NSW as part of her final year of study at the University of Sydney. It was this pivotal moment that inspired her to continue her career progression in the mental health sector, culminating in the creation of her Speaking/Training business, The Wellbeing Affect.

Kim is based in Sydney, Australia with her husband, two beautiful boys (aged 12 and 14), and their beloved fur baby, Coco (aka the ‘lemon’ dog because there is always something wrong with her)!

The Wellbeing Affect has been purpose-built on the foundations of empowerment and education to deliver much-needed mental health and wellbeing support, by equipping each client with the skills and techniques to make a positive impact on themselves, their loved ones, and peers.

Kim and her team at The Wellbeing Affect deliver:

  • Accredited Mental Health First Aid and Wellbeing programs Australia wide
  • Bespoke Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops (Leaders and general staff)
  • Kim Huckerby – Keynote Speaking (in-person, virtual and/or hybrid)

Speaking topics

Mental health in a post pandemic workplace

Leaders calibrating your workplace, your culture, your people

With the sustainability of people and profit as a key focus for companies across the globe, employee wellbeing has become increasingly business-critical. As we navigate post-pandemic ways of working, this heightened attention on mental wellbeing is desperately needed, with over 50% of the Australian workforce facing mental health challenges. Businesses are demanding that leaders and employees step up and support those in need. Yet, this can be overwhelming without the knowledge, skills or support to do so.

Kim Huckerby, one of Australia’s leaders in mental health and founder of The Wellbeing Affect, shares how knowledge and understanding of mental health are powerful workplace tools to support staff and drive productivity. Kim arms Leaders with strategies and language that enables employees to effectively lean into mental health conversations with confidence, adding value to workplace culture on an individual, team and organisational level.

Key take-aways:

  • Mental health does not equal mental illness
  • Normalising mental health in the workplace – strategies that can support and foster a positive and safe workplace culture
  • Knowing your team & what to look out for - the signs and symptoms of someone who may be experiencing mental health issues
  • Empowering your people with the skills, strategies and language to have mental health conversations and support others who are struggling
  • Self-care - taking care of our own mental health means that we can take care of others

Make 2022 the year you prioritise the sustainability of your people by normalising mental health conversations, providing a more positive workplace, and increasing the productivity of your workforce.

Are you OK? What if the answer is NO?

Getting comfortable having conversations that count

Globally, the mental health of employees is on our radar and can no longer be ignored as a critical component of Workplace Health and Safety. In Australia alone, with mental health costing businesses $10.9 billion a year, all workplaces have a responsibility to manage the mental health and wellbeing of their teams effectively and confidently. We are seeing a significant shift in culture, whereby employees not only expect to have mental health training, but they envisage being part of a business that prioritises its people.

Kim Huckerby, one of Australia’s leaders in mental health and founder of The Wellbeing Affect, empathises that many workforces have not been trained or taught ‘on the job’ about how to talk about mental health issues. With over 20 years of experience, Kim provides people around the world with the tools to recognise mental health concerns and effective communication strategies to support people, teams and workplaces.

In this talk, you will walk away knowing how to have conversations that count.

Key take-aways:

  • Why supporting workplace mental health benefits your people and your bottom line
  • Upskilling all employees to effectively support people who may be struggling
  • Empowering all staff to step forward and have mental health conversations
  • Difficult conversations – not having them can lead to poor mental health
  • Understanding the importance of listening rather than problem-solving
  • Communication strategies and examples for your toolbox

Now is the time for your people to shift gears as workplace wellbeing becomes time critical.

Who's going to thank you for burning out?

The need for self accountability

Fostering positive Mental Health is essential to the wellbeing of individuals and teams as it impacts how people think, feel and develop relationships in the workplace. Yet, almost half of Australian adults have experienced a mental health condition. It is essential that we understand how to recognise mental health struggles in ourselves, how to manage these and have the strategies to nurture our mental wellness.

Kim Huckerby, one of Australia’s leaders in mental health and founder of The Wellbeing Affect, explores the importance of recognising when our own mental health is struggling. Kim takes a deep dive into the importance of self-care, that not only serves you, but those around you, creating a ripple effect of wellness.

We all know that when an oxygen mask drops from the ceiling on a plane, you are asked to place it on yourself first before assisting others. This analogy transfers to life, with positive workplace cultures existing where mental wellness is prioritised and oxygen masks are put on.

Key take-aways:

  • Understanding the mental health continuum and where you sit at any given time
  • We all have a role to play - creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • Ownership of mental health and stepping forward for support
  • Using the support and care that we reserve for others, on ourselves
  • Building moments of care habits into your day without taking time away from others
  • Self-care - taking care of ourselves means that we can take care of others

Now is the time to prioritise you and by doing so, will shift not only yourself, but your teams and your workplace.

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Speaker Showreel | Kim Huckerby

Speaker Showreel | Kim Huckerby

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