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How do you unlock that spark of connection that fuels the world's best leaders, teams, and brands?

Kirryn Zerna is an award-winning keynote speaker, a LinkedIn Top Voice in Communications, Non-Executive Director, and author of The Stand Out Effect. Drawing on 20 years as an experienced communication professional, with postgraduate degrees from Australia's leading universities, Kirryn has made a name for herself advising organisations and leaders from a diverse range of industries on the latest branding, communication, and connection trends.

Connection today has become business-critical. In an era where we are navigating more distractions and lower attention spans than ever before, the ability to deeply connect with our customers and teams is essential. According to McKinsey (2023), 46% of employees cite the lack of trust as a reason for leaving their jobs. Can you imagine shifting that statistic? And while 90% of business executives believe that customers highly trust their companies, PWC's research (2024) indicates that only 30% of consumers actually do. Connection helps to bridge the gap.

Through her latest keynote and workshop series, The Connect Effect, she helps audiences remember and relearn the important aspects of connection from branding, leading, selling and building relationships that help people to lead, live and work better. Organisations that look to Kirryn's expertise include Australian Radio Network,, Housing Industry Australia, Thermomix, John Holland, Fundraising Institute Australia, Westpac, NSW Government. And she would love to help you create a remarkable and unforgettable experience for your next event.

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The Connect Effect

A blueprint for deeper connection in a digital world

Do you want to unlock the spark of connection that fuels the world's best leaders, teams, and brands?

In an era where we are navigating more distractions and lower attention spans than ever before, the ability to deeply connect with our customers and teams is essential. Hybrid workforces and increased virtual communication also mean we need to understand the power of connection - in order to build the trust needed to thrive.

The Connect Effect is a strategic blueprint to cultivate deeper and more impactful connections with customers and teams. A powerful journey into the art and science of human connection, including the good news - that it's often the little things that bring about significant change.

In this interactive and action-oriented session audiences learn how to:

  • Trust: Learn the keys to find the spark to build authentic rapport, in order to turn attention into engagement and a continuous cycle of opportunity.
  • Tribe: Develop the rhythms and rituals that fast-track rapport in order to overcome the digital communication divide. 
  • Thrive: Create powerful relationships that will fuel your business and team into the future, and amplify connections at every level.

The Stand Out Effect

Stand Out Brand Strategies in the Age of Online Influence

The brands standing out in today's crowded marketplaces are doing something different. It's no longer just about having the biggest budgets or the largest followings.

So, how can your business leader or brand differentiate in this complex and noisy space? What makes your brand distinctive and compelling, while seamlessly connecting with customers and adding value? The key is to find your own style, make your mark and cultivate deeper customer connections.

In this hands-on and fun session, audiences will learn:

  • The freshest trends to captivate attention and leave a lasting impression, both face-to-face and in the digital realm, spanning from the captivating world of TikTok to impactful video presentations and the influence of Artificial Intelligence.
  • The three essential components of the Stand Out Effect, unraveling the intricacies of defining and understanding your brand (whether personal or corporate), mastering the art of reputation building, and establishing robust networks that endure.
  • Engage in a hands-on, practical workshop to demystify the art of content creation and savvy marketing strategies. Brace yourselves to unleash your creativity right from your seats and elevate your personal brand or marketing endeavors to unparalleled heights! Get ready to stand out and shine!

Become your best influencer

Building the Influential Leadership Brand

In today's fast-paced business world, a leader's success depends on their ability to influence others. Whether you're seeking to establish your reputation within your organisation or expand your reach beyond it, the power of influence can help you lead, team and live better.

'Become Your Best Influencer' is a dynamic keynote (or workshop series) that equips leaders with the skills, tools, and strategies they need to harness the power of influence and cultivate high performance in the workplace. From building better relationships to revitalising workplace culture, this program provides a comprehensive guide to becoming a confident, influential leader who makes a lasting impact.

During this practical and empowering session, delegates will discover:

  • The three key elements to create a powerful first impression that inspires others to follow their lead
  • Irresistible storytelling strategies for influence, and
  • How to build strong and resilient relationships that lead to better results, relationships, and a better workplace.


An invaluable framework to enable change in the way that we operate and present ourselves within the ever-evolving social media space. I highly recommend Kirryn Zerna and your book "The Stand Out Effect.
National Sales Manager, Australian Radio Network

It was fantastic to work with such a professional speaker at our recent conference. Kirryn was part of a successful TED talk style segment in front of more than 600 brokers, who can be a hard audience. Her session generated a lot of conversation with brokers looking to do things differently and also our HO team on how we can support our brokers.
Head of Learning Aussie Home Loans

"We loved having you! Thank you for an insightful and entertaining session."
Executive GM Media,

"Kirryn was a wonderful speaker and facilitator at our HIA National Conference. Her session was interactive, informative and energising. She was lovely to work with and I'd recommend her as a speaker."
National Events Manager, Housing Industry Australia

"The way you pulled everyone together as one was fantastic. Great day and facilitated in an amazing style. Thank you Kirryn!"
Exec GM & Managing Director Rail and Transport, John Holland

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Sizzle Reel | Kirryn Zerna

Sizzle Reel | Kirryn Zerna

The Connect Effect | Kirryn Zerna

The Connect Effect | Kirryn Zerna

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