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Kirryn Zerna is a fabulous and fun Keynote Speaker, and author of The Stand Out Effect. With over two decades experience in corporate and marketing communications, and a highly visual and interactive presentation style, she would love to help you create affinity with your customers, leaders and teams and become the Stand Out in your industry and beyond.

After years of disruption and the advancement of enabling technologies, there is an urgent need to bring back the human element in our connections. Kirryn addresses this need through her powerful concept of "Rehumanising Connection." This strategy empowers individuals and brands to communicate more persuasively, cultivate deeper relationships, and achieve better results across teams, organizations, and even platforms like TikTok.

Kirryn Zerna has studied extensively in business and communication through University of Sydney, Macquarie University, and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Organisations that look to Kirryn's expertise include Thermomix, Australian Radio Network, Aussie Home Loans, Fundraising Institute Australia, Westpac, NSW Department of Education, and many more.

As a speaker, Kirryn Zerna’s sessions are inspiring, interactive, and full of lovely warm moments; with practical takeaways to immediately apply. And she would love to help you create a remarkable and unforgettable experience for your next event.

Speaking topics

Rehumanising Connection

Rebuilding Relationships in a Digital Age

Do you want to unlock the spark of connection that fuels the world’s best leaders and teams? After years of disruption and the advancement of enabling technologies, changing rhythms of work and play, and the turning tide of generational change (hello Gen Z), there's an urgent need to reset the way leaders and teams connect and communicate.

Rehumanising Connection is a keynote that explores the art and science of human connection and how leaders, teams and brands can build stronger, more authentic relationships for greater success. It’s about intentionally unlocking the interpersonal chemistry that cultivates high performance at work; creating better leaders and more engaged teams that revitalise any workplace culture and puts passion into action.

In this interactive, inspiring, and action-oriented session your leaders and teams will discover:

  • Strategies to foster genuine rapport and build trust with the chemistry of connection
  • Actionable tips to renew their rhythms of relationship and communication
  • Refreshment and inspiration that ignites their culture, customers and community and sustains positive change.

Stand out Marketing

Think like a Content Creator, Grow Like a Boss 

In today's crowded marketplace, brands that stand out are the ones doing something different. With the explosive growth of TikTok and the shifting consumer and marketing preferences influenced by Gen Z, the landscape has changed for marketers everywhere. What truly sets successful brands apart is their ability to bring human connection and storytelling back into their marketing.

So, how can your business differentiate itself in this complex and noisy space? How can you create compelling content that stays on-trend, resonates authentically with their customers, and maintains their brand identity? The answer lies in finding your unique style, leaving your mark, and cultivating deeper customer connections. That's how you'll grow your influence, expand your audience, and succeed like a boss.

In this hands-on and fun session, audiences will learn:

  • Latest trends to stand out and get noticed online, from TikTok to video to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Three key elements to unlock your stand-out marketing strategy that deeply connects with your customers (that’s also easy to apply).
  • A practical hands-on “content curious” session that demystifies the wonder of content creation and customer savvy marketing strategies. Get ready to create in your seats and take your marketing to the next level!

Become Your Best Influencer

Build brands that ooze affinity with customers, colleagues and teams

In this age of online influence, a leader's success depends on their ability to influence others. Whether you're seeking to establish your reputation within your organisation or expand your reach beyond it, the power of influence can help you lead, team and live better.

'Become Your Best Influencer' is a dynamic keynote (or workshop series) that equips leaders with the skills, tools, and strategies they need to harness the power of influence and cultivate high performance in the workplace. From building better relationships to revitalising workplace culture, this program provides a comprehensive guide to becoming a confident, influential leader who makes a lasting impact.

During this practical and empowering session, delegates will discover:

  • The three key elements to create a powerful first impression that inspires others to follow their lead,
  • Irresistible storytelling strategies for influence, and
  • How to build strong and resilient relationships that lead to better results, relationships, and a better workplace.


Kirryn recently spoke at our Thermomix leadership conference. Her fantastic keynote session was insightful, engaging and delivered the outcomes we were hoping for. She was a delight to work in all aspects and we'd highly recommend her.
Director Sales & Engagement, Thermomix Australia & New Zealand

Kirryn was a wonderful speaker and facilitator at our HIA National Conference. Her session was interactive, informative and energising. She was lovely to work with and I’d recommend her as a speaker.
National Events Manager, Housing Industry Australia

Kirryn recently presented at our NSW Women in Credit luncheon to over 180 delegates.Her presentation was fun, interactive, and inspirational.All feedback received from the delegates has been really positive. I only wish we had booked her to speak for longer!
Events Manager, Australian Institute of Credit Management

Every time I have worked with Kirryn Zerna, she has exceeded all expectations. Kirryn has gone above and beyond to understand the background of the program she is facilitating for. No request is too hard to manage.
Project Officer, Department of Education NSW

She helped to keep the online audience engaged the whole time. She is both incredibly professional and fantastically warm at the same time, making our delivery so much easier.
CEO Fundraising Institute Australia

Kirryn Zerna speaker

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Sizzle Reel | Kirryn Zerna

Sizzle Reel | Kirryn Zerna

The Stand Out Effect

The Stand Out Effect

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