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Australia - NSW

Brand and reputation specialist Kirryn Zerna helps ideas, businesses and teams to stand out in the age of online influence.

Kirryn is a captivating and creative keynote speaker whose presentations immediately translate into action. Widely recognised as an expert in brand communication strategy, Kirryn’s passion is to help individuals and teams to stand out in the age of online influence.

Having spent almost two decades working with corporate and public sector clients large and small, Kirryn’s passion is to help clients get the attention they deserve and the cut-through they desire.

Kirryn holds a Bachelor of Management, a Masters of Management and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In 2017 she was awarded the Kerrie Nairn Scholarship by Professional Speakers Australia and is a regular contributor to Smart Company, Internet Retailing and Westpac’s Ruby Connection.

Organizations that look to Kirryn’s expertise include Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Federal), Department of Industry (NSW), Westpac, Westpac Bicentennial Foundation, Westpac’s Davidson Institute and Sydney local councils.

Speaking topics

How to Stand Out without Selling out.

Why creating a remarkable brand is easier than you think

We’ve embarked on a new age of online influence where the ordinary people can become the celebrity and reaching a large audience is possible.

So how do you seize the opportunity to amplify your brand and reputation? How do you stand out in this complex and crowded space without selling out on what makes you unique?

In this practical and research-rich session, audiences will:

  • Gain insights and inspiration from global and local brands that have managed to achieve reputational cut-through at little or no cost
  • The 7 elements of any remarkable brand message in the digital arena
  • The 3 reasons most individuals and organizations waste their energy in social media and how to avoid repeating the same mistake
  • A practical implementation blueprint for radically boosting your online visibility in as little as 30 days

Unlock the power of your people

Empower Your Leaders to stand out in your Industry, and beyond.

Today a brand has many faces. It’s no longer solely up to the company marketing team to promote and sell the company wares. With social platforms like LinkedIn, so pervasive with its 600 million users worldwide (and 10 million in Australia), there’s a willing group of individuals who are already growing their online influence; ready to be mobilised as online ambassadors.

And while clients and community may have lost trust or grown tired of corporate speak, your people put an authentic humanity to your brand.

In this practical and empowering keynote presentation, audience members will discover:

  • Why LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and under-utilised tools for creating meaningful connections with potential customers, peers and future talent.
  • The latest research-based tools and techniques for crafting a professional brand that establishes trust and credibility.
  • How to leverage the latent power of individuals within your team or organization to become authentic online brand advocates.

The Social Business

Connect on Purpose in the Age of Online Influence 

The workplace of the future is increasingly mobile and virtually connected. What are the lessons from the Age of Online Influence that can transform today’s workplace in readiness for tomorrow? Drawing on Kirryn’s deep corporate and government experience (including employee engagement for Westpac’s Future of Work project), this presentation uncovers the global best practice of online collaboration and how teamed with brand building and digital storytelling principles can make the invisible team member, visible and drive higher staff engagement and productivity

This interactive and engaging session will lift the gaze of your team to what’s on the horizon, and then through an interactive session rally the team for organisational and personal change.

Audiences will:

  • Gain insights and inspiration from global and local brands and the emerging online trends
  • The 3 elements of digital collaboration that will prepare teams for the future
  • The 3 reasons many businesses waste their energy in virtual connections and how to avoid repeating the same mistake
  • A practical blueprint for how to start the shift today
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Speaker Video

Kirryn Zerna - How to create an irresistible digital brand for your next event
Kirryn Zerna - Showreel
Kirryn Zerna - Stand Out Don’t Sell Out
Kirryn Zerna - The Influencer Effect
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