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Exploding onto the professional speaker's circuit, nationally and internationally, Kivi Bernhard is a young, dynamic rising star who is fast becoming a keynote motivational speaker of choice. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kivi Bernhard was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kivi has combined his acute business acumen and success in building a multimillion dollar international diamond business with his passion for Africa and its wildlife. Using the hunting habits and techniques of the African leopard, perhaps the most successful feline predator on earth, Kivi draws metaphors of personal and corporate leadership, trust and success that will leave you spellbound.

Often described as an amalgamation of 'Crocodile Dundee' and 'Jerry McGuire with a yarmulke,' Kivi is a riveting and captivating orator. Equally at home tracking lion deep in the African bush as he is in the executive suites of a Fortune 500, he will regale you with enthralling stories of both. A consummate professional, Kivi Bernhard is a fountain of positive energy and human potential. His personal journey, victories and losses, has given him a unique laboratory in which to study the DNA of this thing we call 'success.'

Kivi Bernhard is one of those amazing people you meet every once in a while and never forget. With an unusual synthesis, he is, at once, an orthodox Jew, passionate family man, adventurer, accomplished business entrepreneur and renowned speaker. CEO and founder of Kivi International LLC, an internationally known wholesale loose diamond distributor, Kivi's business network reads like a current edition of "Who's Who?" Tapping into this asset has allowed him access to the minds and spirit of some of the most accomplished names in the local and global business arena. A keen student of life with a huge appetite for laughter and love, Kivi is an accomplished and published musician, Judo medalist and gemological consultant.

A world expert on "getting your insides to match your outsides," Kivi defines this as the standard bearer of happiness. Like the African leopard, his message of "inside out," in which "who you are" and "what you are" are one and the same, is so simple yet so profound. One must identify and trust his own "genetic toolbox." Kivi explains that, "success is what happens when we behave like the unique individuals we were designed to be."

Inspired by his passion for Africa, a successful business experience and a G-d given talent to share with others, Kivi Bernhard offers a truly unique keynote experience. His message is so relevant and applicable to the individual, the team, the corporation and the organization.

His keynote presentation topics are: 
"The Hunt For Success" 
"Business Gone Wild"
"Leadership Gone Wild"


' received rave reviews from my teams. It was truly a stroke of genius to combine such a powerful ability to communicate with such a powerful metaphor like the African leopard - you have a knock-out winner. I am going to recommend you to the National Association of Financial Planners...'
- VP GV Financial

'...awesome awesome, presentation. I found your content so unique and applicable to my work environment. Your keynote was so inspiring and informative, and your footage of the leopard is unbelievable...'
- Holiday Inn Group

'...two weeks later, I continue to be amazed by both the content and concept of your presentation. People continue to tell me how incredible you were, and many have said to me that they believe you to be the best speaker they have ever heard...'
- Northwestern Mutual Financial

'...what fundamental and critical business thinking and psychology. The way you have packaged the message is nothing short of genius and your ability to present it is amazing. What a treat is was for us...'
- Northwest Airlines

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Kivi Bernhard

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