Kristina Karlsson

Authentic. Relatable. Engaging. Moving. Funny. Inspiring. Remarkable. Effective. Just some of the words used to describe Kristina Karlsson as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

After setting out at age 22 to defy the odds and build a $650m globally loved retail brand - through dizzy highs and crushing lows - Kristina has deep business and personal experience to share. And she’s renowned for doing it in a human and high impact way.

Her real-life experience and the learnings she has made is what sets her apart - and what connects with audiences around the world. Making Kristina the highly regarded female speaker she is.

Kristina can tailor her keynote and workshop presentations to suit your audience and connect in a unique and powerful way for you. Provoking thought, providing insights and stirring action.

Her specialty is inspiring & empowering people to dream big - and chase their dreams. Be they business, team or personal. In good times and in bad.

She’s deeply passionate about it - with a best-selling book, 3 million podcast downloads and thousands of speaking gigs, and coaching clients as proof it resonates.

Her relatable approach will inspire & empower your audience in practical ways. Using real life experience sharing and story-telling to deliver immediate take-home value that can be applied to any industry. Any organisation. Any level - from C-suite to front line.

Book Kristina for your next conference or event and you’ll experience impact and value that lasts long after she’s walked off stage.

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