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Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing and peak performance experts (and mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!) She’s a researcher, author, speaker and media commentator who provides science-backed solutions to optimise wellbeing and productivity in a digital world. Kristy draws on cutting-edge neuroscience and research to explain the profound impacts technology has on our performance and wellbeing. She provides realistic solutions to help executives, leaders and teams leverage the benefits technology offers us.

Kristy worked as an educator before becoming an academic, speaker and author. She’s worked with clients including Apple, Reserve Bank of Australia, Westfield, Bank of Queensland, Macquarie Bank, Foxtel, the National Broadband Network, McDonalds, NSW Department of Education and Optus. Kristy is regularly called upon by national media outlets for her opinion. Dr Kristy is a confident, compelling and highly relatable presenter who provides practical and realistic solutions to deal with digital dilemmas that put a dent in productivity and performance in the workplace. She’s spoken at national and international conferences, schools, workplaces and medical conferences throughout Australia. Kristy’s on a mission to empower people to work productively AND sustainably in a digital, always-on world.

Speaking topics

Thriving in the Digital Age
Brain-based solutions for peak-performance & productivity in a digital world

Dr Kristy Goodwin helps organisations understand why employee efficiency and wellbeing are being compromised by digital technologies (that were ironically designed to bolster workplace productivity and performance). She shares current research on the costs of digital distractions for both organisations and employees… and it’s much more than simply waning productivity.

Through this compelling keynote Dr Kristy provides science-backed solutions so audiences can discover:

  • The productivity paradox and digital superstorm facing organisations as they embed digital technologies;
  • The science behind their personal digital behaviours & habits (helping to explain why we struggle to shut the laptop lid and stop the scroll);
  • The productivity & wellbeing costs of digital distractions (why focus is the most essential skill of the 21st Century); and
  • A 4-step signature system using neurohacks to bolster productivity and minimise distractionS using simple strategies.

Delegates will be armed with a range of practical solutions to foster healthy digital behaviours that will enhance their productivity and wellbeing.

Taming Your Tech Habits for Peak-Performance

Technology should be our servant, not our master. But many of us admit that we’re a slave to our screens. In this highly practical workshop Dr Kristy Goodwin equips employees and executives with science-backed solutions to bolster their productivity. Delegates will discover:

  • The ways in which technology has been designed to distract us and prey on our psychological vulnerabilities and why managing our attention span is the most critical 21st century skill
  • The myth of multi-tasking and why mono-tasking will boost their productivity
  • Science-based solutions to manage meetings, email and communication tools so they don’t dent their productivity
  • Analogue productivity hacks that will boost their output and provide more margin in their lives

Delegates will be armed with a menu of micro-habits that will enhance productivity at work and home.

Optimising Your Digital Wellbeing

We live in a vibrant digital age, with constant access to a dizzying array of digital devices designed to bolster our productivity at work and provide more margin in our personal lives. However, our digital behaviours at work and at home can undermine organisational productivity and impair employees’ physical health and mental wellbeing.

Through this compelling keynote presentation Dr Kristy provides science-backed solutions so audiences can discover:

  • How common digital behaviours impact our mental wellbeing and physical health;
  • The skills and habits that will protect their digital wellbeing at work and home;
  • Why and how optimising digital wellbeing is a smart financial investment for organisations; and
  • A range of proven and practical strategies for promoting digital wellbeing habits.

Delegates will be armed with a range of practical solutions to foster healthy digital behaviours that will enhance their productivity and wellbeing. Digital wellbeing can be delivered as a stand-alone conference keynote, or an extended half- or full-day program in-person, or delivered remotely via webinar.


Kristy kept the audience engaged the entire time. Her information is backed by data and research, and she is able to give practical, day to day tips to help navigate this digital age.
Jessica Monaghan
Reserve Bank of Australia

There is a huge buzz around the great conversations you led and we are quite sure that these are going to lead to deeper reflections around the effective use of technology.
Paviter Singh

Kristy was engaging and the content was informative. Dr Kristy is a wealth of knowledge which was incredibly valuable for our employees.
Lori Harrington
Macquarie Bank

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Thriving In The Digital Age

Thriving In The Digital Age

Myth of Multitasking

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