Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing and peak performance experts (and mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!) She’s a researcher, author, speaker and media commentator who provides science-backed solutions to optimise wellbeing and productivity in a digital world. Kristy draws on cutting-edge neuroscience and research to explain the profound impacts technology has on our performance and wellbeing. She provides realistic solutions to help executives, leaders and teams leverage the benefits technology offers us.

Kristy worked as an educator before becoming an academic, speaker and author. She’s worked with clients including Apple, Reserve Bank of Australia, Westfield, Bank of Queensland, Macquarie Bank, Foxtel, the National Broadband Network, McDonalds, NSW Department of Education and Optus. Kristy is regularly called upon by national media outlets for her opinion. Dr Kristy is a confident, compelling and highly relatable presenter who provides practical and realistic solutions to deal with digital dilemmas that put a dent in productivity and performance in the workplace. She’s spoken at national and international conferences, schools, workplaces and medical conferences throughout Australia. Kristy’s on a mission to empower people to work productively AND sustainably in a digital, always-on world.

Speaking topics

Thriving digitally

Decode the neurobiology of peak performance in a digital age

We're spending more time than tethered to technology- for both work and leisure. It's imperative that we foster healthy and sustainable digital behaviours to ensure that our physical health and mental wellbeing are supported in a digital world that's constantly vying for our attention.

In this presentation, Kristy equips attendees with science-backed solutions so they can thrive online.

Session Overview

Dr Kristy will share some of the common digital dilemmas facing high-performers in the digitalised workplace and arm delegates with a range of micro-habits so they can support their mental wellbeing, physical health and productivity in a digital landscape.


This presentation can be a stand-alone keynote, or part of a half or full-day program, or delivered as a virtual masterclass.

Kristy will explore:

  • Assess their DIGITAL WELLBEING according to the FOUR PILLARS OF DIGITAL WELLBEING to identify areas for improvement;
  • Apply the FOUR PILLARS of DIGITAL WELLBEING to their work and personal lives;
  • Explore a range of MICRO-HABITS they can implement to protect their PHYSICAL HEALTHand MENTAL WELLBEING - their sleep, vision, hearing and musculoskeletal health and;
  • Consider a variety of MICRO-HABITS they can utilise to ensure their ProDUCTIVITY is supported, not stifled through their DIGITAL BEHAVIOURS.

Flourishing Remotely

Neuro-Productivity Principles to Optimise Your Workday

Working remotely poses potential pitfalls if we're not working in alignment with our brain and biology-digital burnout, constant digital distractions and an ‘always on' culture can put a dent in productivity and derail employees' wellbeing.

In the Flourishing Remotely presentation I help employees thrive whilst working remotely. I share brain-based strategies to ensure their productivity is optimised and wellbeing prioritised while working at home during a pandemic.

Session Overview

Delegates will be armed with a menu of micro-habits so they can work remotely without sacrificing their productivity, mental wellbeing and/or physical health. Help your employees to thrive online at home and reduce the impact of digital fatigue.


This can be a stand alone keynote, virtual masterclass or part of a half or full day program.

Dr Kristy will explore:

  • A four-step system to PLAN their WORKDAY as they work from home, or in a hybrid approach;
  • Key BIOLOGICAL MARKERS to maximise their FOCUS and OUTPUT at prime times of the day;
  • How to BUILD A FORTRESS AROUND their FOCUS to minimise unnecessary DIGITAL DISTRACTIONS; and
  • Recognise the importance of DIGITAL DISCONNECTION for peak- performance. 

Digital Wellbeing

Orders & behaviours that support peak-performance in a digital age

There's no denying that we're tethered to technology, for our professional and personal lives. This is having a profound impact on our physical health and mental wellbeing.

This presentation equips participants with science-backed solutions they can embed to optimise their performance in the digital landscape, without having to revert to a #digitaldetox, or ignoring your inbox.

Session Overview

Delegates will be armed with a range of simple, brain-based solutions and a menu of micro-habits so they can work online without sacrificing their mental wellbeing or physical health.


This presentation can be delivered as stand-alone virtual masterclass, as part of a series of masterclasses, or as in-person workshop in your workplace, offsite or conference.

Kristy will explore:

  • Why we feel digitally overwhelmed and suffering from ‘infobesity' from pings, alerts and notifications (our brains and bodies aren't biologically wired for information onslaught);
  • Why it's challenging to FOCUS in the digital world, that's constantly vying for our attention;
  • The impact of our constantly- connected lives on our MENTAL WELLBEING and micro-habits we can embed to protect it; and
  • The consequences of being tethered to technology on our PHYSICAL HEALTH (sleep, vision, hearing and musculoskeletal health); and
  • A menu of (brain-based) micro-habits that can be embedded into our professional and
  • personal lives to support our MENTAL WELLBEING and PHYSICAL HEALTH.

Fortify your focus

Stop digital distractions denting your productivity

As knowledge workers, the technologies that are integral for our work, have also been designed to hijack and hold our attention. We're now living in an attention economy. To achieve peak-performance in the digital landscape, the most critical skill we can cultivate is focus. Focus amongst the alerts and notifications and pings and dings that put a dent in our productivity.

This presentation has been designed to help employees and executives better understand the impact of digital distractions on their productivity and wellbeing. Attendees will develop a repertoire of strategies and micro-habits they can easily apply to their workday and personal lives to ensure their digital behaviours support peak performance.

Session Overview

Participants will be armed with a menu of strategies and micro-habits they can use to turbocharge their productivity and wellbeing. Dr Kristy will share simple solutions to some of the common tech troubles facing high-performers in the digitalised workplace.


This can be a stand-alone keynote, or part of a half or full-day program, or delivered as a virtual masterclass.

Through this highly practical presentation attendees will learn:

  • Why ATTENTION MANAGEMENT is the super skill of the 21st Century
  • The three reasons why TECHNOLOGY HIJACKS their attention
  • The significant ways that DIGITAL DISTRACTIONS dent their PRODUCTIVITY & WELLBEING
  • How to map their WORKDAY to their CHRONOTYPE to maximise their PRODUCTIVITY; and
  • A range of strategies and micro-habits to OPTIMISE their FOCUS.

Your brain online

Neuro-productivity tactics that will help you to boost productivity in a digital world
This presentation shares the science of productivity in a distracting, digital world to empower employees, leaders and teams to achieve peak performance in the digital world.

Dr Kristy will explore:

  • How you can work with your brain and body's biological rhythms to easily boost your
  • focus and productivity
  • What digital overload and distractions are doing to our brains & simple, science backed solutions to work in alignment with our biology
  • The myth of multitasking and what science tells us you should do instead
  • Why your brains & bodies require ‘good breaks' and the six elements of quality breaks for optimal performance.

In addtion to Keynotes Kristy can deliver a range of additional services:

  • A Series of Tailored Masterclasses
  • Offsite Workshops
  • Advisory Services
  • C-Suite or Executive Coaching
  • Video Masterclass Series
  • Expert in Residence' Options


Kristy kept the audience engaged the entire time. Her information is backed by data and research, and she is able to give practical, day to day tips to help navigate this digital age.
Jessica Monaghan
Reserve Bank of Australia

There is a huge buzz around the great conversations you led and we are quite sure that these are going to lead to deeper reflections around the effective use of technology.
Paviter Singh

Kristy was engaging and the content was informative. Dr Kristy is a wealth of knowledge which was incredibly valuable for our employees.
Lori Harrington
Macquarie Bank

Kristy Goodwin speaker

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Speaker Showreel

Speaker Showreel

[Introduction] Thriving In The Digital Age

[Introduction] Thriving In The Digital Age

Thriving In The Digital Age

Thriving In The Digital Age

Online Speaker Showcase 2021 - Preview
Myth of Multitasking

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