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Having personally experienced how our always-on digital culture is compromising people’s wellbeing and is counter to optimal and sustainable performance, award-winning researcher and speaker Dr Kristy Goodwin is on a mission to promote employee wellbeing and bolster workplace productivity in an always-on digital world. Dr Kristy, author of Dear Digital, We need to talk. . . shares realistic, research-based micro-habits that people can apply to tame their digital habits and thrive in the digital world. Described by her clients as a 'pracademic' Kristy has a gift for translating complex neuroscience and research into practical strategies and realistic advice. Awarded the Breakthrough Speaker of the Year in 2023 by Professional Speakers Australia, Kristy uses humour and relatable anecdotes to engage her audience.

As one of Australia’s digital wellbeing and productivity experts, she shares practical brain-based hacks to tame tech habits and the latest brain-based strategies to decode the neurobiology of peak-performance in the technological era.

Senior business leaders and HR executives from the country’s top organisations engage Dr Kristy to help them promote employee digital wellbeing and performance.

Her roster of clients includes Apple, ANZ, AMP, Deutsche Bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia, Cisco, HSBC, Bank of Queensland, Challenger, Westpac, DLA Piper,Westpac, McDonald’s, Randstad & Sparke Helmore.

Speaking topics

Dear Digital, We need to talk…

Brain-based strategies to help your team achieve peak-performance in a digital age

Are you on the verge of declaring email bankruptcy? Suffering from constant Zoom-gloom, Teams-tiredness??? Are your tech habits leaving you feeling stressed, distracted and exhausted? You’re not alone.

Rates of burnout are steadily on the rise. Why? Our tech habits are completely incongruent with how our brains and bodies are designed… our Human Operating System (hOS).

This keynote will help you to dominate your digital distractions and stop screens from adding to your stress. Learn brain-based strategies to tame your toxic tech-habits and thrive in the digital world.

In this keynote, participants will explore:

  • How our digital habits, both professionally and personally, are leaving many of us feeling OUSTED- overwhelmed, under the pump, stressed, time poor, exhausted and distracted;
  • How common digital behaviours have added micro-stressors to our days;
  • The ways our tech habits have eroded some of the biological buffers that once helped us manage our stress and attention spans;
  • Brain-based protocols that enable us to work with rather than against our biological blueprint to thrive in the digital world;
  • A menu of micro-habits that are realistic, yet research-based so we can tame our tech habits.

Session Overview

Participants will complete the What’s Your FQ Assessment? during the session to enable Dr Kristy to tailor the keynote and/or masterclass to your organisation’s specific needs and to give your delegates powerful insights into how their digital behaviours may be sabotaging their performance and wellbeing.


This keynote can be delivered on-stage or online.

Beat Digital Burnout

Sustainable peak-performance in a digital world

Recent Microsoft research suggests that 62% of employees and 66% of managers in Australia are experiencing burnout. Global burnout rates are similar. Burnout, specifically digital burnout, is the chief threat to hybrid work. One of the chief contributing factors to burnout is unsustainable and unhealthy digital habits.

Digital burnout not only compromises employees’ physical and mental health and performance, but poses significant financial costs and retention risks to organisations too.

This keynote arms delegates with science-backed solutions to counteract the always-on, distracted, digital culture that has led to many knowledge workers experiencing digital burnout. Delegates will understand how our digital habits are fuelling our stress, why rest is vital for our performance and the micro-habits that employees can embed into their workdays and the digital cultures that can counteract digital burnout.

Participants will explore:

  • How the increased digital intensity of our days is leaving many of us stressed, distracted and burnt out;
  • The subtle but significant ways that our digital behaviours have introduced micro-stressors to our days and are shaping our biological blueprint;
  • How our neurobiological needs dictate that your brain and body needs peak-performance pit-stops (the science underpinning rest);
  • Science-backed protocols that will prevent digital burnout;
  • A menu of micro-habits to ensure that we structure our workdays to suit our neurobiological needs.

Participants will complete an anonymous DIgital Burnout Assessment before the session to enable Dr Kristy to tailor the keynote and/or masterclass to your organisation’s specific needs and to give your delegates powerful insights into how their digital habits are impacting their performance.


This presentation can be delivered as a stand-alone keynote, or as a part of a series of virtual masterclasses, or as a half or full-day workshop.

What’s Your FQ?

Brain-based strategies to boost your focus

As knowledge workers, the technologies that are integral for our work, have also been designed to hijack and hold our attention. We’re now living in an attention economy. To achieve peak-performance in the digital landscape, the most critical skill we can cultivate is focus. In fact, our FQ (focus quotient) is THE superskill of the 21st Century- a skill that’s more important than our IQ and EQ.

However, our focus is under threat, amongst the alerts and notifications and constant pings and dings that now permeate our days and put a dent in our productivity.

This keynote has been designed to help employees and executives better understand the impact of digital distractions on their productivity and wellbeing. Attendees will develop a repertoire of strategies and micro-habits they can easily apply to their workday and personal lives to ensure their digital behaviours support peak-performance.

This keynote distils the latest neuroscience, psychology and technology research into bite-sized, science-backed strategies.

In this keynote, participants will explore:

  • Why our FQ focus is the superskill of the 21st Century;
  • The ‘digital superstorm’- the three colliding factors that explain why technology hijacks our attention;
  • The significant ways that digital distractions dent their productivity & wellbeing;
  • How to map the cadence and contours of their workday to their neurobiological needs to maximise their focus;
  • A menu of (realistic) micro-habits to optimise their focus.

Session Overview

Delegates will have access to Dr Kristy’s What’s Your FQ? Assessment and Chronotype Assessment tools before the presentation to enable her to customise the presentation. Participants will be armed with a menu of micro-habits which they can apply to their professional and personal lives to tame their tech habits.


This presentation can be delivered as a stand-alone keynote, or as a part of a series of virtual masterclasses, or as a half or full-day workshop.

Optimise Your Workday

Science-backed strategies to optimise your workday - Decoding the neuroscience of peak-performance in a hybrid world.

Hybrid working is here to stay. This keynote will provide you with a brain-based blueprint to make hybrid work, work.

Dr Kristy will outline the neuroscience and psychology about how to optimise our workdays for peak-performance in a hybrid world. Kristy shares brain-based insights and strategies to help you and your team build productive work arrangements. Learn how to create ways of working that work with our brains and bodies (our neurobiology) , to yield the benefits for both employees and organisations.

In this keynote Dr Kristy helps employees and leaders better manage their digital workload with brain-based, yet realistic strategies to ensure their productivity is optimised and wellbeing prioritised in a hybrid setting.

In this keynote, participants will explore:

  • Brain-based tactics to optimise your workday (whether you’re in the office or at home);
  • Science-backed solutions to optimise your physical workspace to boost your productivity and wellbeing;
  • How to build a fortress around your focus to stop digital distractions from putting a dent in your productivity;
  • Three critical biological markers that help you boost your productivity ; and
  • Why your hybrid team must establish your digital guardrails to optimise performance.

Session Overview

Delegates will get access to my Chronotype Assessment & Report and Digital Burnout Barometer prior to the presentation to provide powerful insights and enable Dr Kristy to tailor the session to your organisation’s needs.


This presentation can be delivered as a stand-alone keynote, or as a part of a series of virtual masterclasses, or as a half or full-day workshop.

Digital Wellbeing

Brain-based strategies to optimise your digital wellbeing in the always-on, distracting digital world.

Have you experienced digital eye strain or ‘tech-neck’? Do you suffer from ‘digital dementia’? Do you have a condition called ‘email apnoea’?

Technology has its tentacles in all parts of our lives today. It’s integral to our professional and personal lives. However, our digital habits are having a profound impact on our physical health and mental wellbeing.

This presentation equips participants with science-backed solutions they can embed to optimise their wellbeing in the digital landscape, without suggesting that you revert to a #digitaldetox, cancel your Netflix subscription, or aim for ‘inbox zero’ (all of which are outdated and unrealistic strategies).

In this keynote, participants will explore:

  • Their current digital wellbeing habits and consider the impact they’re having on their wellbeing, health and performance;
  • How their digital behaviours are leaving them feeling stressed and exhausted;
  • Why it’s challenging to focusin the digital world, that’s constantly vying for their attention (and the impact of constant digital distractions on stress and focus);
  • The impact of our constantly- connected lives on our mental wellbeing (how our tech habits are affecting our sleep, stress and exhaustion levels) and a menu of micro-habits we can embed to protect our mental wellbeing; and
  • The consequences of being tethered to technology on our physical health (especially our vision, hearing and musculoskeletal health) and a menu of micro-habits to protect our basic biological needs.

Session Overview

Delegates will have access to Dr Kristy’s Digital Peak-Performance Tool before the presentation and will be armed with a menu of micro-habits which they can apply to their professional and personal lives to tame their tech habits.


This presentation can be delivered as a stand-alone keynote, or as a part of a series of virtual masterclasses, or as a half or full day workshop.

Digital Guardrails Consultancy Services

The pandemic has created a unique opportunity for workplaces to establish more productive work arrangements, congruent with how the brain and body works best online. There’s a tremendous opportunity for organisations that address employees’ and teams’ digital wellbeing and improve employee focus, in a digital world that’s leaving many employees feeling distracted and burnt out.

The EIU found that companies in the sectors analysed could potentially gain as much as $1.2 trillion in untapped employee output with designing optimal work arrangements that tackle employee distraction.

Consider what your organisation could gain if you developed productive hybrid work strategies based on brain-science. That’s exactly what Dr Kristy Goodwin can do for you.

Tackle your productivity and wellbeing issues with clearly delineated best work practices based on neuroscience and psychology and technology.

  • Digital Pulse Check
  • Digital Best Practice
  • Digital Focus Groups
  • Guiding Principles for Hybrid Work Document
  • Guiding Principles for Hybrid Work Launch
  • Cultural Embedding

Dr Kristy Goodwin works with teams in a consultancy way to articulate their organisation’s digital norms, behaviours and practices to promote employee productivity and wellbeing.


Kristy kept the audience engaged the entire time. Her information is backed by data and research, and she is able to give practical, day to day tips to help navigate this digital age.
Jessica Monaghan
Reserve Bank of Australia

There is a huge buzz around the great conversations you led and we are quite sure that these are going to lead to deeper reflections around the effective use of technology.
Paviter Singh

Kristy was engaging and the content was informative. Dr Kristy is a wealth of knowledge which was incredibly valuable for our employees.
Lori Harrington
Macquarie Bank

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Speaker Showreel

[Introduction] Thriving In The Digital Age

[Introduction] Thriving In The Digital Age

Thriving In The Digital Age

Thriving In The Digital Age

Digital Wellbeing | Dr Kristy Goodwin
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