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Swapping one red paper clip for a fish shaped pen seems easy enough, right?
A fish shaped pen for a doorknob? Simple.  But could you 'bigger-and-better' your way to a house in 14 online trades?  Kyle MacDonald did just that. 

Kyle transformed one red paper clip into a ski-doo, a music recording contract, an afternoon with Alice Cooper - yes, that Alice Cooper - and eventually a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.
Running with the idea of taking one small item and attempting to trade it for something bigger and more substantial, MacDonald has become renowned for his off-beat and inspirational ideas and goals.
The stories that have come from these adventures are impressive, but MacDonald's generosity, free-spirit and willingness to look for the positive in things is what makes his story significant.

He's been interviewed by 20/20, ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, MSNBC, BBC, CBS, CNN, USA Today, MTV, and even landed in a MasterCard Commercial. 
Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Kyle MacDonald has spoken to thousands all over the world about the lessons that he learned from trading a red paperclip to a house.
He's been on Japanese television (multiple times), on stage with Alice Cooper at a concert in Fargo, and gained considerable media attention on television and radio around the world. In addition, Volkswagen Spain and Grolsch Beer made TV commercials based on the story, and Kyle starred in a Mastercard commercial that played off of the Red Paperclip story.
He has now set two Guinness World Records: one for Most Successful Internet Trade, the other for erecting the World's Largest Red Paperclip.
Kyle's compelling presentations take audiences along the journey to achieve his goal in the most interesting way imaginable.

His adventures are impressive, but what makes the message stick is his generosity, free-spirit and willingness to look for the positive in things.

Audiences learn how:
? One small action can set off a series of cascading events, each more powerful than the last.
? People want to help your dream come true - all you need to do is start.
? The best events in life are hardly ever planned.
? To take life less seriously, but approach it with unbridled enthusiasm.
? A slow news day can be your best friend.
? To discover their own metaphorical "red paperclip" and how they can make massive change to their lives by small actions.
A hilarious offering of terrible online marketing tips that Kyle learned on his One Red Paperclip journey. This advice is so bad, it will force your audience to think about marketing in a brand new light (while laughing hysterically).
Kyle provides examples similar to his One Red Paperclip project that attained International headlines. In a world where every organization is trying to stand out, this presentation teaches us about low-budget (and entertaining) ways that marketing projects gained country-wide attention.


It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Kyle MacDonald to anyone looking for a very unique, entertaining, and inspirational speaker. Here's a sample of some of the feedback we received: "Kyle's presentation was the perfect ending to the conference," "Kyle's story was amazing - he's also a really funny guy!" and "I was impressed with his story-telling ability." Overall, Kyle's amazing story helped make our annual conference one of our most successful events so far.
- Brian Scuadmore, Founder and CEO - 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Kyle MacDonald’s fascinating story about remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and thinking outside the box captured the undivided attention of all ages from beginning to end. Kyle’s charismatic approach brought his story to life while his creative and entertaining sense of humor engaged the entire audience in smiles and laughter. Following the event one spectator commented "how could you possibly top having Kyle MacDonald". A thoroughly enjoyable evening!
- FirstSask Credit Union & Golden Opporunities Fund

Kyle is an inspiring storyteller with a wonderful message. His casually style is engaging and the lessons that he imparts are empowering for leaders at any level of an organization. I highly recommend Kyle MacDonald for any group looking for a bit of entrepreneurial mojo.
- G. Michael Maddock - CEO & Founding Partner, Maddock Douglas

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