The only true competitive advantage a business can have today is to understand what the future will look like sooner and more clearly than the competition - and to get there first" states Larry Hochman.

Larry spent ten years as a senior management roles with British Airways and the loyalty management company, Air Miles, both in New York and London and is one of Europe's best known speakers on creating what service must become. Since 1998 he has been running his own speaking, mentoring and consulting business, with numerous speaking enagements all over the world.

He is not just a theorist, but has turned his ideas into tangible business triumphs on both sides of the Atlantic. He managed the British Airways terminal at JFK Airport in New York for 3 years. Then in 1991, he was asked to move to London to put together a team and lead their efforts in developing, managing and implementing a company-wide customer service training programme called "Winning for Customers" which was attended by 50,000 BA staff.

At Air Miles, Larry helped create what is now recognised as one of the most progressive cultures and remarkable commercial successes, first as Director of Customer Service, then as Director of People and Culture, the only person in Britain to hold this title. Today more than 6 million people collect Air Miles. Air Miles employs more than 1200 people and is recognised as a brand by 91% of the UK population.

Alongside his numerous speaking engagements all over the world, Larry, who pioneered corporate mentoring work in the U.K. at Air Miles is personal mentor to several chief Executives

Larry's passion on the subjects of customer and employee needs is legendary, as is his ability to inspire an audience. Add to this his track record in spotting trends and helping companies take advantage of them, and you will understand how and why Larry can uniquely add value.

Larry focuses on what customers really want - speed, freedom, choice and control - and how organisations must respond to survive.

His presentations include ...

  • Building Customer Relationships to last a lifetime
  • Creating Value in the post recession era
  • Now is the time for corageous leadership
  • Retaining customers in an economic crisis
  • The war for talent and the future of HR

Keynote Topic:


What matters most?  FACT:  The biggest drivers of profitability are your most loyal customers.  How do your measure their success?  How do you know what really matters to them?  Do they share your values?  Would they recommend you?  If yes, why yes?  If not, why not? More important, do they trust you?  Closer makes you smarter. How close are you to really understanding what they want and need in order to deliver it over and over and over again?  Are you close enough to understand what's most relevant to their future success?  True collaboration is teaming up with your partners and your customers in a new world of RELATIONSHIP ECONOMICS, which is the focus of this speech.

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