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Australia - Western Australia

Lawrie Montague is a powerful motivational speaker and performance turnaround expert whose aim through his keynotes and workshops is to teach his audiences practical and timely strategies that help you to bounce back from major setbacks with renewed determination and turn into adversity in prosperity.

Lawrie has been speaking professionally for over 15 years and is an acknowledged specialist on success & personal achievement. In his talks he shares his experiences taking average performers and turning them into peak performers as he has a deep and profound knowledge of how you do this.

He has worked closely with many high achievers in business and sports over more than twenty years and shares his experience on what the little known and misunderstood traits are that high achievers have developed to reach the top of their profession.

Lawrie is a practitioner of peak performance and not a theorist and he pulls no punches sharing with his audiences that their personal success pathway always requires hard and deliberate work consistently applied with a flexible attitude and approach.

He is a retired professional golfer and former National Coach of Australia and as such he shares unique insights into the attainment of peak performance because he understands personally the challenges involved in becoming an exceptional performer.

Topics include:

Temper the Steel and Sharpen Your Edge: How to Bounce Back from Major Setbacks with Renewed Determination.

In this presentation your team will learn;

  • How to lift declining personal attitudes quickly
  • How to strengthen your teams resolve for tough times
  • How to conquer corrupted team and individual thinking

The Excellence Distinction: The 7 Critical Performance Factors to Develop Your Full Professional Potential

In this presentation your team will learn;

  • How to unlock more of theiruntapped potential
  • How to engage in your ideal performance state
  • How to develop confidence and clarity


Lawrie I want to thank you for the way you committed to the team; you listened to us and understood the issues that we face, you took a genuine and personal interest in the individuals and most impressively took all the information and incorporated it into your presentation, for that commitment, I thank you.
- Group Sales Manager Peppers Retreats and Resorts

Lawrie's presentation at our Melbourne Cup Lunch was extremely well received. Lawrie presents his experiences as a golf professional and converts them into sound fundamentals for business and perhaps even more importantly, for life. The feedback I have received from my colleagues and clients attests to not only a thought-provoking topic but that it was pitched in a manner appropriate for the occasion.
- Philip Christensen - Freehills Partner

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