Leanne Christie & James O'Loghlin

Have you ever heard any of your team complaining that they feel zoomed out? Or struggled with a live presentation? Most of us have to present ideas or communicate with our team online or live.

Leanne Christie has 35 years of training professional speakers and James O’loghlin has been teaching C-Suite professionals the art of presentation for well over a decade. Together they have developed the Virtually Brilliant strategy to master the art of speaking to an audience that people of all levels can apply through their professional lives.

Leanne Christie

Leanne is a pioneering entrepreneur with more than thirty years of experience in the speaking industry. She is the founder of Ovations International speaker’s bureau, Standing Ovations and Ode Management. Ode Management is the world’s largest dedicated speaker management agency with offices across the USA and Australia.

Leanne has earned a reputation as an innovator in the speaking industry. She has launched the careers of professional speakers who are today considered speaking royalty. Continual improvement is at the heart of Leanne’s ethos, and her thirst for everything ‘world class’ is inherent to her business, her people and of course in everything she stands for.

James O'Loghlin

James O'Loghlin is one of Australia's most respected, entertaining and experienced corporate speakers, master facilitator, corporate comedians and media personalities, best known as the host of over 300 episodes of "The New inventors" on ABC-TV, and for his witty and entertaining programs on ABC Local Radio.

He has been delighting corporate audiences with his unique brand of corporate comedy for over a decade and is equally at home giving keynote speeches on innovation, acting as MC for awards nights and conferences and facilitating panel discussions.

From criminal lawyer, to comedian to media personality and presenter James has a wealth of experience. It was his role as the host of the New Inventors that fuelled James' interest in innovation, a subject upon which he now regularly gives keynote speeches. He explores practical things we can all do every day to become more innovative, and about the ways in which companies can create a culture that encourages innovation. After many years of work in Australia he is a favourite with Australian audiences and event planners, James is a true industry professional with hundreds of successful live events to his credit.

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Virtually Brilliant

It was already difficult mastering the art of speaking to an audience who were directly in front of you. Now, the new world of on-line meetings, webinars and zoom conferences have created a new type of pressure for presenters. It’s much too easy for an online audience to become disengaged and your message to be lost.

With practical and friendly tips for every sort of gathering both in the real world and virtual, Leanne and James take you through each of the stages of presenting and show you how to keep your audience sitting up and eager for more. From researching your topic, to adding humour and interest, from using your voice effectively to conquering your nerves, and using PowerPoint to enhance your message, rather than bury it, the Virtually Brilliant approach will see even the most experienced speaker improve their skills enormously.

It will give confidence to those who have never delivered a speech before and will allow those who have done it many times to hone and finesse their skills in both the live and virtual space.

You will learn how to:

  • Learn the presentation techniques for high engagement both online and onstage
  • Construct presentations using our templates and techniques
  • Turn your presentation into a compelling story.
  • Use an economy of words to bring clarity to your message
  • Notice your nervous symptoms and channel your fear into excitement


It has been invaluable to get feedback from someone who so obviously knows their stuff—clear, consistent and really really passionate about making me the best speaker I can be.
Penny Burke

Leanne Christie is one of the world’s most experienced Speaker Experts and has demonstrated the ability to identify, coach and create some of the world’s best speakers.
Dr Catriona Wallace, Al Specialist & Speaker

Leanne is a tireless giver and has a unique capacity for seeing the best in speakers while courageously asking the questions and giving the honest advice that bring that best out.
Michael McQueen, Best selling Author and Speaker

Leanne Christie & James O'Loghlin speaker

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Virtually Brilliant

Virtually Brilliant

Virtually Brilliant

Virtually Brilliant

Cliftons Elevate hybrid showcase - Virtually Brilliant

Cliftons Elevate hybrid showcase - Virtually Brilliant

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