Len Pascoe

Known to his mates and cricket associates as ''Slippery'' for the way he bowled, fast quick & slippery,  a term used by cricketers to describe fast and  furious bowling.

Get his slant on ''sledging'', it will give you a great laugh, and an insight into what really does go on, out on a first class cricket field. Locker room yarns, plenty of them, but there is a business side to the ''Slip'' as well. Len talks about what it takes to  become a first class sportsman, and how those guidelines can be reproduced on the ''commercial'' playing field. Number 277 as an Australian Test cricketer, NSW coach,''Slip'' also featured in the come on Aussie Song "Pascoe's taking divots". Len was a key player in the Packer years of World Series Cricket, and bowled the first ball under lights to commence Day / Cricket, as well as being co -designer of the current cricket helnet, inconjunction with Ian Davis.


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