Leona Watson

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" takes on a whole new meaning thanks to Leona's unique insights around Leadership, Team Engagement, Culture and Resilience. These human factors drive Leona, to help organisations uncover the 'gold' within their ranks. And for leaders, for within themselves.

Growing up in a mining town, launching & selling a successful business and working in large corporates, Leona's even kayaked with killer whales and MCd MasterChef Live - navigating her way through big business wins, ego-fuelled highs, plus epic fails. She knows first-hand how isolating and tough leadership can feel.

These events laid the foundations for a woman with a deep respect for showing up for your life, your team, and your business. Her ethos is one of "tough love" with a laugh.

This enabled Leona to create a a stellar corporate career with Microsoft UK, Virgin Mobile, Optus and MBF before stepping into entrepreneurship.

As the award-winning Founder of the world's first Team Building Cooking company, Leona combined her unique blend of corporate know-how and EQ skills to ignite Team Cohesion, Leadership, Resilience and Performance. With her trademark combination of fun, professionalism & adventure, Leona hosted more than 2500 team workshops, customised keynotes and corporate training over 17 years before selling.

During this time, Leona won the Australian Businesswomen's Award for Outstanding Business Growth, was featured in Australia's Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs book, BRW, Sydney Morning Herald, and Australian Financial Review. She was also a member and sat on the Sydney Board of Entrepreneurs Organisation.

As a Speaker, Coach & Facilitator, Leona has trained intensely for 15 years in Neuroscience (NLP), with a focus on Performance, Leadership, Coaching and Presentation Skills.

She also has a passion for adventure and loves to push her limits competing in Triathlons (slowly!), kayaking in Antarctica and cycling in Provence in search of the perfect Rose!

A credible and masterful storyteller with a dynamic presense, Leona empowers audiences to become t delivering home-truths that pack a punch - on stage or virtually.

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