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Leonie McKeon

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Australia - SA

Leonie McKeon is an Australian China-educated strategist and author, who is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the rules that drive business success in the China market. Leonie has lived, worked and travelled in the Greater China Region for several years where she learnt Mandarin, and observed the mastery of Chinese negotiation strategies in business and daily life.

She realised that for Chinese people negotiation is a normal practice of everyday life. The Greater China Region is full of markets where people are always doing a deal. They may be simply bargaining for the price of vegetables and other essential daily items or something as large as a business or property. Consequently Chinese people learn to negotiate from a very young age, and continue this practice in their daily activities.

In daily interactions to negotiate and communicate, most Chinese people unconsciously use the 36 Chinese Strategies which are derived from Sun Tzu’s – The Art of War. Whilst living in the Greater China Region among the experts in negotiation, Leonie discovered that the 36 Chinese Strategies are the keys to understanding Chinese behaviour and thinking. To share this realisation with the world, she systematically unpicked each of the 36 Chinese Strategies to identify modern day examples of how these strategies are played out.

Leonie travels to China assisting Western companies conduct business. She is a workshop presenter a keynote speaker, a business consultant and an author who teaches business people how the 36 Chinese Strategies are used in the contemporary business world. Leonie enables people to feel confident and therefore able to enjoy being part of the game of negotiating whether in China or in any other business environment.

Speaking topics

  • Tame the Tiger: Negotiating from a position of power
  • Deceive the Dragon: Negotiating to retain power
  • Lure the Tiger: Negotiating in confronting circumstances
  • Bewilder the Dragon: Negotiating amongst confusion
  • Endure the Tiger: Negotiating to gain ground
  • Flee the Dragon: Negotiating when all else fails


Understanding how the 36 Chinese Strategies are applied in Chinese business culture was the lightbulb moment which has led to such revenue growth, opportunities and personal growth.
Bec Hardy Wines

Leonie's professional and engaging style of delivery, coupled with her deep knowledge of Chinese culture, gave our audience of 80 guests a greater understanding of the complexities when negotiating with Chinese people.
Australia China Business Council (ACBC) Victoria

Through Leonie’s use of the 36 Chinese Strategies, what could otherwise be overwhelming becomes manageable, entertaining, and even fun! Leonie’s insights are a must for anyone contemplating doing business with the Chinese.
CPA Australia

Leonie McKeon speaker

Speaker Video

Why Chinese people are confident in negotiating

Why Chinese people are confident in negotiating

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