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Broadcaster Libbi Gorr presents “Enterprise Breakfast” weekdays on new ground-breaking DISRUPT RADIO Australia wide, seeing the world through the lens of mindset, leadership and carving your own professional path. One of Australia's finest broadcasters and live hosts, Libbi is smart, warm and witty with an exceptional ability to entertain, inspire and motivate. Libbi brings a unique blend of journalism and humorous observation to all her work, sharpened with her incisive law-trained brain.

As a Creative Entrepreneur who was Diverse before the concept of Diversity was invented, Libbi speaks to the value of embracing what’s different about you, to carve your road to success – throwing in salient messages learned along the way.

A superlative MC, Libbi has just in the last three covid affected years spoken for the Epworth Hospital, ( “magnificent”, “fantastic”) St Kilda Film Festival ( The Perfect Choice as MC) IPAA Victoria (“Great energy and Enthusiasm, easily engaged with audience” ) Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute ( Beautiful energy, Feedback brilliant) , Melbourne University ( “Warmth and sensitivity, personal yet professional) , Heart Foundation Victoria ( Outstanding MC and panel moderator) Austin Hospital ( An Incredible Event, You have an incredible connection with people”), Victorian Health Promotion (The Best Ceremony yet) Australian Interior Design awards ( MC, A fabulous job) This Girl Can Launch Victoria (Everyone left inspired and excited) Australian Government Legal Network Conference ( As MC funny engaging and the day ran seamlessly) , Women in Construction ( MC, a Fabulous job – poise and say good humour). She has racked up thousands of appearances under her best with prestige clients.

Audiences will feel energised and replenished after experiencing Libbi’s keynote, that they can indeed achieve their goals by being exactly who they are. Her keynotes are part confidence booster, part motivational, part inside goss into the always enthralling and totally precarious world of show biz, part cautionary tale and all useful lessons at turning your differences into strengths with a little bit of polish.

As an MC, Libbi is adept, professional, warm all inclusive and most importantly, entertaining. Libbi’s work only empowers the audience as she turns her gaze to embracing differences, the power of mindset and bringing diverse communities together, with the respect and wisdom of someone who has built a career being different in a public life.

Speaking topics

Why YOU are your most important asset, (Even if You Are A Bit Different)

Diversity of thought is your pathway to success!

Whatever Happened To Elle McFeast?

Lessons learned about risk management from the Chopper Read episode on McFeast Live.

Mummy Manners

An etiquette guide for dealing with other childrens mothers and assorted dilemmas (perfect for school functions, testimonials available).


As an MC:

Libbi brings a wealth of experience working for a wide range of corporate, Government, Association and NFP’s.

A fantastic MC - really good at balancing warmth and sincerity with humour.
- Museums and Galleries NSW

Libbi performed excellently. Preparation exemplary, Libbi was everything I had anticipated and more.
- Rothworx Professional Development Events

Libbi was great - so many people have said so - and added just the right touch of levity to the lunch.
- The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation Fundraising Committee ANZ Trustees

The audience loved her. She was very warm and personable and very quickly was adopted by everyone in the room. Libbi did a great job of hosting our event and added just the right about of humour to the night.
- The Registered Clubs Association of NSW

Libbi did her job with heart. …high emotional intelligence….really engaged with all levels of people at our event ….and in fact, drew out some of their stories that we otherwise would not have got to hear. Libbi was a warm and charming host and performed her MC role with professionalism and style.
- Hesta

Enormous success… a performance of great humour, sensitivity, intelligence and integrity…. brilliantly constructed with unique moments of “magic” that made for a very special and memorable evening.
- 2003 Australian Dance Awards

As a Facilitator:

Libby’s intellect and empathy, along with her quick wit enables her to get the best from any facilitated panel discussions, no matter how difficult the subject matter…

Outstanding facilitation. Thoughtful, funny and considered…exceptional engagement and handling of some of the trickier questions/people - you were just fantastic. I have had some really wonderful feedback on the event and your facilitation in particular. I have no doubt you were a key reason for the success of the event.
- 2016 Monash Criminology Horizons Annual Lecture

It went very well. It was great to have Libbi inject her 'style' into what can be a pretty heavy topic.
- 2015 Dandenong Family Violence Forum - Department of Health and Human Services

Libbi was a sensational start to our conference; her presentation transformed the crowd from 'barriers up' to 'receptive and open' for the rest of the day...
- Real Estate Institute of Queensland

For Debates:

Libbi is a huge talent to add to your debating team when you want to bring out the big guns!!!

Libbi is certainly a first-class performer! She did an excellent job at preparing her team for our inaugural great safety debate and delivered a fabulous closing argument. She captured the audience's attention and had them in fits of laughter.
- Comcare

Thanks for bringing your fragile humanity and cutting wit to the stage and making the night a hoot - it was A+. You are one the most thoughtful and engaging (& funny) orators in the media.
- Sydney Carnivale

Libbi was out-bloody-standing. She had the audience in the palm of her hand within seconds and gave the night such a professional edge that everyone (even our harshest critics) were absolutely enthralled. In short, it was probably the most exciting, professional and memorable event we have run
- Corporate Support & Events, Institute Public Administration Aust (Qld)

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