Lindsey Leigh Hobson

Lindsey Leigh Hobson elevates forward-thinking organisations and their emerging leaders to create the ultimate next-generation of leadership.

Drawing on her current experiences as an emerging leader and a manager, Lindsey Leigh will show today's new starters, early career talent, graduates and first-time managers how to be your innovating leaders of tomorrow.

Individuals who are confident and capable of taking your business to new levels of success, while adopting methods and technologies that simply don’t exist today.

After all, who better to bridge the gap between your management and your emerging leaders than someone who is both?

Lindsey Leigh is an active team manager across multiple industries, an award-winning Speaker, and a qualified Life Coach. She is the Founder of The Learning and Development Collective, where she leads a network of over 300 learning and development professionals from some of Australia's biggest corporates such as Deloitte, BDO and ANZ.

Whether it's on stage, online, hybrid or in the metaverse, when you feel a commonality you begin to open yourself to the possibilities, try new things and grow your comfort zone to achieve unbelievable results in your career and for your business.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to why this young whipper-snapper should be your new trusted adviser for all things emerging leaders!

Speaking topics

The Avant-Garde

Developing Innovative Leadership for the Future of Your Business

Mate To Manager

Navigating the High-Risk Transition Period for First Time Managers

Imposter Syndrome

Retaining Talent by Instilling Confidence and Competence

Future of Work

Support Your New Starters to Successfully Settle In

Lessons Learned in the Metaverse

Insider Knowledge and Practical Business Case Studies from Emerging Leaders

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